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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: DNA damage-binding protein 1 alternativeName: DDB p127 subunit alternativeName: DNA damage-binding protein a shortName:DDBa alternativeName: Damage-specific DNA-binding protein 1 alternativeName: HBV X-associated protein 1 shortName:XAP-1 alternativeName: UV-damaged DNA-binding factor alternativeName: UV-damaged DNA-binding protein 1 shortName:UV-DDB 1 alternativeName: XPE-binding factor shortName:XPE-BF alternativeName: Xeroderma pigmentosum group E-complementing protein shortName:XPCe
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:1642
BioGPS Gene:652672
CTD Gene:1642
CTD Gene:652672
DOCK Blaster:2B5L
DOCK Blaster:2B5M
DOCK Blaster:2B5N
KEGG Gene:1642
NCBI Gene:1642
NCBI Gene:652672
Protein Data Bank:2B5L
Protein Data Bank:2B5M
Protein Data Bank:2B5N
UCSC human:Q16531
dbSNP Gene:1642
dbSNP Gene:652672
Other identifiers related to this sequenceDDB1_HUMAN, A6NG77, B2R648, O15176, Q13289, Q58F96, 3I8C, Hs.290758, 3I8E, 2B5N, 3375269, 3375270, ILMN_1748105, PF03178, 11715416_s_at, 3375299, 4A08, Hs.717913, g695361_3p_at, 3375261, 10574459, 3375289, XM_005273804, 3EI4, 4A09, 3375293, U32986_s_at, 11751448_a_at, CAB032821, ENSG00000167986, AY960579, F5GZY8, 3E0C, 3I7L, 4A0K, DDB1, HGNC:2717, 3375298, 3375259, 3375263, 3375287, BC011686, 3EI1, U32986, 3375247, 3I7P, 7948534, F5H0Y5, 3375300, PH_hs_0023527, 3375291, F5GYG8, L40326, 3375296, F5GZ34, 3375285, EntrezGene:1642, MIM:600045, CCDS31576, EAW73935, 3375283, A_23_P258246, OTTHUMP00000238316, 3375290, F5H581, 2B5M, AAX44048, 3EI3, BAG35345, U18299, AAC50349, AAA62838, 4A11, 2HYE, 3I89, 4A0B, 4E5Z, LRG_474, 3375260, AAH51764, AK312436, 4A0L, AJ002955, ILMN_1774735, 3375276, 4E54, ILMN_1775937, GE59088, AP003108, 3375252, AP003037, 3375264, 3375253, 16738963, IPR004871, 3I7K, PH_hs_0045705, 3375292, DDB1-001, 3375267, 3375266, 3375297, 208619_at, 2B5L, ENST00000301764, AAA88883, NP_001914, 3375262, AAH11686, F8WF81, 3375246, BC050530, AAH50530, 3375255, LRG_474t1, 3375248, 3375257, BC051764, 3EI2, 3375281, 3375265, CH471076, F5H775, 3I7O, 3I7N, CAA05770, 8530102, uc001nrc.5, F5H6C5, UPI0000000CB7, 3375277, NM_001923, 4A0A, 0004070092, 1641_s_at, 3375272, 11748413_s_at, ILMN_1763575, F5H2L3, 3I7H, ENSP00000301764, 1642
Molecules with this sequenceDDB1 [nucleoplasm] UKENNBBCCddORHPGPPPURDDD
Component ofIncision complex with 3'-incised damaged DNA [nucleoplasm]
incision complex for GG-NER [nucleoplasm]
pre-incision complex in GG-NER [nucleoplasm]
pre-incision complex with open DNA bubble [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

DNA Repair

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