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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Aldehyde dehydrogenase, mitochondrial ecNumber1.2.1.3/ecNumber alternativeName: ALDH class 2 alternativeName: ALDH-E2 alternativeName: ALDHI
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:217
CTD Gene:217
DOCK Blaster:1CW3
DOCK Blaster:1NZW
DOCK Blaster:1NZX
DOCK Blaster:1NZZ
DOCK Blaster:1O00
DOCK Blaster:1O01
DOCK Blaster:1O02
DOCK Blaster:1O04
DOCK Blaster:1O05
DOCK Blaster:1ZUM
KEGG Gene:217
NCBI Gene:217
Protein Data Bank:1CW3
Protein Data Bank:1NZW
Protein Data Bank:1NZX
Protein Data Bank:1NZZ
Protein Data Bank:1O00
Protein Data Bank:1O01
Protein Data Bank:1O02
Protein Data Bank:1O04
Protein Data Bank:1O05
Protein Data Bank:1ZUM
UCSC human:P05091
dbSNP Gene:217
Other identifiers related to this sequenceALDH2_HUMAN, B4DW54, E7EUE5, Q03639, Q6IB13, Q6IV71, 201425_at, M20448, HGNC:404, AAA62825, 3432102, AC003029, 1O00, ACF25892, AAB59500, 2ONP, EU414253, 3432103, 3N83, AAA51694, HPA051065, MIM:100650, AAH02967, Hs.604551, EU414252, 3SZ9, EU414258, AAT41621, CCDS55885, 3432114, ACF25895, 7958784, M20445, ABY79826, BAG62916, AAA51693, EU373804, 3432105, PF00171, 1NZW, 1NZX, 1O01, 3N82, ILMN_1793859, 3432117, 3432092, ACF25893, 3432099, CAA28990, M20452, AY621070, 2ONM, M20450, IPR016161, 2ONO, 4FR8, ENSP00000403349, EU373812, ACF25897, M20446, EU373808, 1O05, ENSG00000111275, EntrezGene:217, 2987944, 1ZUM, CR456991, AAD48447, ACF25891, M54931, ACF25894, EU414254, UPI0001AE6B90, B4YAH7, BC002967, M26760, NP_001191818, 3432112, ABY79828, EU414251, 16757160, M20456, AC002996, EU414256, 3INJ, 3432096, 4015823, M20454, Y00109, 4KWG, AK301375, uc010syi.2, K03001, NM_001204889, OTTHUMP00000241661, CAA68290, EU373810, IPR015590, 3INL, M20449, ACF25896, 3432101, 2VLE, 1NZZ, B0LUF9, EU414257, 3N80, Q9UN17, M20444, ACF25890, 11746896_a_at, EU414249, EU414250, 4KWF, 11715627_x_at, 3N81, BC071839, X05409, 3432118, 2ONN, AAH71839, 3432108, AF164120, EU414255, CAG33272, 4FQF, 217, 3432111, MIM:610251, 0001770551, ABY79824, ACF25898, NM_000690, 1CW3, 1O02, M20453, ACF25889, 3432113, ALDH2-003, 1O04, ALDH2, M20447, M20451, ABY79820, PH_hs_0033390, NP_000681, A_23_P36745, X05409_at, g4502032_3p_at, CCDS9155, 3432119, OTTHUMP00000241662, uc001tst.3, ALDH2-001, ENSP00000261733, UPI0000129293, GE61664, 32747_at, A_14_P108452, A_23_P36753, 3432097
Molecules with this sequenceALDH2 [mitochondrial matrix] UKENBCdORHPGPPPPPPPPPPURDDDDDDDDDD
Component ofaldehyde dehydrogenase, mitochondrial, tetramer [mitochondrial matrix]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved


Neuronal System

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