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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Estrogen receptor beta shortName:ER-beta alternativeName: Nuclear receptor subfamily 3 group A member 2
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:2100
CTD Gene:2100
DOCK Blaster:1L2J
DOCK Blaster:1NDE
DOCK Blaster:1QKM
DOCK Blaster:1U3Q
DOCK Blaster:1U3R
DOCK Blaster:1U3S
DOCK Blaster:1U9E
DOCK Blaster:1X76
DOCK Blaster:1X78
DOCK Blaster:1X7B
DOCK Blaster:1X7J
DOCK Blaster:1YY4
DOCK Blaster:1YYE
DOCK Blaster:1ZAF
DOCK Blaster:2I0G
KEGG Gene:2100
NCBI Gene:2100
Protein Data Bank:1L2J
Protein Data Bank:1NDE
Protein Data Bank:1QKM
Protein Data Bank:1U3Q
Protein Data Bank:1U3R
Protein Data Bank:1U3S
Protein Data Bank:1U9E
Protein Data Bank:1X76
Protein Data Bank:1X78
Protein Data Bank:1X7B
Protein Data Bank:1X7J
Protein Data Bank:1YY4
Protein Data Bank:1YYE
Protein Data Bank:1ZAF
Protein Data Bank:2I0G
UCSC human:Q92731
dbSNP Gene:2100
Other identifiers related to this sequenceESR2_HUMAN, A8K8K5, O60608, O60685, O60702, O60703, O75583, O75584, Q0MWT5, Q0MWT6, Q86Z31, Q9UEV6, Q9UHD3, Q9UQK9, ENSG00000140009, ENST00000341099, ENSP00000343925, 1442_at, 211119_at, 211118_x_at, 211117_x_at, 202761_s_at, 240777_at, 210780_at, 211120_x_at, 31436_s_at, 41815_at, 34431_at, 46979_at, X99101_at, g3091285_3p_at, g4894662_3p_a_at, g2961558_3p_s_at, 210780_3p_at, g11056019_3p_a_at, g3345671_3p_at, Hs.194486.0.A1_3p_at, g2911151_3p_at, A_14_P118404, A_23_P54100, A_32_P886859, CCDS32096, CCDS9762, GE53128, GE54563, DQ777076, DQ838582, DQ838583, AB209620, AF215937, AB006590, AF051427, AF051428, AF061054, AF061055, AF060555, X99101, AB006589, AF074598, AF074599, AF124790, AF047463, AY785359, BC024181, AF191544, EntrezGene:2100, GI_10835012-S, ILMN_17018, IPI00218155, IPI00218159, IPI00218153, IPI00218156, IPI00218157, IPI00023212, IPI00218158, IPI00397583, MIM:601663, 1L2J, 1NDE, 1QKM, 1U3Q, 1U3R, 1U3S, 1U9E, 1X76, 1X78, 1X7B, 1X7J, 1YY4, 1YYE, 1ZAF, 2I0G, ABG88022, ABH09189, ABH09190, BAD92857, AAG29940, BAA24953, AAC05985, AAC05751, AAC39784, AAC39785, AAC15234, CAA67555, BAA31966, AAC25602, AAC25603, AAD32580, AAC03786, AAV31779, AAH24181, NM_001040275, NM_001040276, NM_001437, NP_001035365, NP_001035366, NP_001428, OTTHUMT00000280621, Q0PTK2, Q0MWT6, Q0MWT5, Q59F41, Q7LCB3, Q92731, Q0PTK2_HUMAN, Q0MWT6_HUMAN, Q0MWT5_HUMAN, Q59F41_HUMAN, Q7LCB3_HUMAN, ESR2_HUMAN, Q92731-4, Q92731-8, Q92731-2, Q92731-5, Q92731-6, Q92731-3, Q92731-7, IPR001628, IPR000003, IPR000324, IPR001723, IPR001728, IPR000536
Component ofNR-MED1 Coactivator Complex [nucleoplasm]
Represented by generalisation(s)NR [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Gene Expression

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