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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Fibronectin shortName:FN alternativeName: Cold-insoluble globulin shortName:CIG component recommendedName: Anastellin /component component recommendedName: Ugl-Y1 /component component recommendedName: Ugl-Y2 /component component recommendedName: Ugl-Y3 /component
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:2335
CTD Gene:2335
DOCK Blaster:1E88
DOCK Blaster:1E8B
DOCK Blaster:1FBR
DOCK Blaster:1FNA
DOCK Blaster:1FNF
DOCK Blaster:1FNH
DOCK Blaster:1J8K
DOCK Blaster:1O9A
DOCK Blaster:1OWW
DOCK Blaster:1Q38
DOCK Blaster:1QGB
DOCK Blaster:1QO6
DOCK Blaster:1TTF
DOCK Blaster:1TTG
DOCK Blaster:2FN2
DOCK Blaster:2FNB
KEGG Gene:2335
NCBI Gene:2335
Protein Data Bank:1E88
Protein Data Bank:1E8B
Protein Data Bank:1FBR
Protein Data Bank:1FNA
Protein Data Bank:1FNF
Protein Data Bank:1FNH
Protein Data Bank:1J8K
Protein Data Bank:1O9A
Protein Data Bank:1OWW
Protein Data Bank:1Q38
Protein Data Bank:1QGB
Protein Data Bank:1QO6
Protein Data Bank:1TTF
Protein Data Bank:1TTG
Protein Data Bank:2FN2
Protein Data Bank:2FNB
UCSC human:P02751
dbSNP Gene:2335
Other identifiers related to this sequenceFINC_HUMAN, B7ZLF0, E9PE77, E9PG29, O95609, O95610, Q14312, Q14325, Q14326, Q17RV7, Q564H7, Q585T2, Q59EH1, Q60FE4, Q68DP8, Q68DP9, Q68DT4, Q6LDP6, Q6MZS0, Q6MZU5, Q6N025, Q6N0A6, Q7Z391, Q86T27, Q8IVI8, Q96KP7, Q96KP8, Q96KP9, Q9H1B8, Q9HAP3, Q9UMK2, CAC20427, BX640875, AAX76513, OTTHUMP00000206760, 2598342, 1OWW, 3MQL, 210495_x_at, AAA58483, AJ535086, 2598376, ENSG00000115414, BX640920, M10905, 2598328, U42456, 2RKZ, M12549, 2598362, 2598270, AJ276395, CAH18136, AAA52461, 2598334, 2598308, 2CKU, 2CG6, 2598264, 2598296, Q53S27, BX538018, UPI0000456EE4, BX538017, CAC86915, Q9H382, BAD52437, CAA26536, IPR000083, 4MMX, AAD00019, 2598356, PR00013, BX640608, M18179, 2598377, ENSP00000394423, AB191261, CAD97964, MIM:135600, 2598325, AL832202, 2H41, 31720_s_at, X07717, AAD04751, 2598363, 2598329, CAB52437, PH_hs_0044496, X02761, 1FBR, 212464_s_at, Hs.626165, 2H45, 2598357, CR749281, 1FNH, 8058765, 2598354, 2598360, 2598324, 2598306, 2598374, AAH05858, A_24_P119745, PF00041, FN1-005, CR749317, PF00040, 3T1W, 2FN2, Hs.287820.2.A1_3p_s_at, 2598286, CAC86914, AAD00017, Q7L553, AAD00015, CAE45932, AAI17177, 0001090039, 4MMY, 2HA1, 2598267, A_24_P85539, CAB000126, XP_005246474, BAD93077, SM00060, AAA52462, 2CG7, U42404, X07718, 2598307, XM_005246417, 16908037, AB209840, BX537590, 1TTG, 2598263, AF312399, 2598260, 2598375, 2598378, 2598353, U41850, AAA52463, BC143763, 2598281, CAH60958, AAD09448, AAG35520, PH_hs_0025088, BC117176, 2GEE, 2CK2, 3M7P, 2598313, 2598310, 2598359, 11757650_s_at, 2598346, GE534426, NM_212476, 0006130519, 2598273, HPA027066, AAA52466, A_24_P334130, 2EC3, 2598318, AAY24063, Hs.660195, U42594, 1O9A, 216442_x_at, 1E8B, AAI43764, 2598339, 2992939, XM_005246416, 2598269, 2598284, 4GH7, 2598340, 2598352, 11739535_s_at, 2598280, AAD09449, U42458, EAW70536, XP_005246473, uc002vfc.3, 211719_x_at, CAH18171, 11739534_a_at, 2598266, AAD00018, AJ849445, 45557_r_at, SM00058, HGNC:3778, AF130095, PF00039, 2598367, 1QGB, AJ320525, AAG30571, 1J8K, 2598301, 2335, X04530, CAD97791, 2598290, CAE45847, 2598294, CAE45714, 2598277, 1FNF, 2598330, 3EJH, U42592, M14059, 4MMZ, 2598371, AAD00014, CAB52436, 2RKY, 1E88, U42455, 3R8Q, 311_s_at, 2598299, IPR013806, 1TTF, 2598358, 1FNA, 2598331, 11739536_x_at, Q14328, 4JE4, 3CAL, 2598265, CAD97965, U42457, M27590, 2598372, 11749460_x_at, MIM:601894, CAD91166, 2598268, 11745837_x_at, CAD59389, IPR003961, 214701_s_at, 31719_at, 2598262, 3GXE, AJ320526, CAC86916, 2OCF, M15801, BX640731, ILMN_1778237, 11755897_a_at, 2RL0, CH471063, 2598314, Hs.629065, AAD09450, M18178, EntrezGene:2335, 11739435_a_at, Hs.203717, 2598276, 1QO6, AAP35502, CAE45958, AC073284, 1Q38, 2598302, FN1, 2598258, BT006856, X02761_s_at, 3003095, AJ320527, CAH18172, U42593, 3ZRZ, CR749316, 2598271, 4JEG, SM00059, BC005858, 2598373, 2598344, AAA52465, M27589, 2598338, IPR000562, AC012462, 2598288, ILMN_2366463, 2FNB, 2598335, M18177, AAA53376, ABR68534, UPI0000366FDA, 2598289, 2598304, A6YID2, uc002vfi.3, EF550130, XP_005246456, XP_005246457, ENSP00000323534, FN1-002, XM_005246400, XM_005246399, OTTHUMP00000164054, 2598321, ENSP00000338200, CCDS2399, OTTHUMP00000164055, uc002vfe.3, FN1-003, UPI00001AE8D2, NM_002026, NP_002017, uc002vfh.3, CCDS2400, OTTHUMP00000164056, FN1-004, UPI0000421F9F, NP_997639, ENSP00000350534, NM_212474, XP_005246454, EF550134, XM_005246397, FN1-001, A6YID6, OTTHUMP00000164053, NP_997647, ABR68538, CCDS42814, uc002vfa.3, 2598287, NM_212482, UPI0000E5A2B5, ENSP00000346839, A6YID3, NM_212478, uc002vff.3, ABR68535, UPI000198C74B, NP_997643, ENSP00000410422, OTTHUMP00000206762, EF550131, CCDS46510, FN1-008, FN1-009, XP_005246472, uc002vfb.3, UPI00004DEE52, ABR68536, ENSP00000415018, A6YID4, OTTHUMP00000206763, EF550132, XM_005246415, XM_005246411, FN1-012, ENSP00000399538, XP_005246470, XP_005246468, OTTHUMP00000206765, XM_005246413, uc002vfj.3, UPI000198C74D, NP_997641, OTTHUMP00000206766, UPI00002094EB, FN1-013, uc002vfg.3, ENSP00000348285, CCDS42813, XP_005246461, UPI00001AEBF3, XM_005246406, XP_005246463, ENSP00000352696, XM_005246404, FN1-201
Molecules with this sequenceFN1(32-2386) [extracellular region] UKENBCdOOPGPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPURDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Component ofFN1 dimer [extracellular region]
Integrin alpha2bbeta3:FN1(32-2386) [plasma membrane]
FN1(32-2386):Collagen types I-V, VII [extracellular region]
Cleaved fibronectin dimer [extracellular region]
Cleaved fibronectin dimer Ala(271)/Val(272) [extracellular region]
Integrin alpha5beta1:FN1 dimer [plasma membrane]
Fibronectin matrix [extracellular region]
Focal complex [plasma membrane]
Talin:RIAM complex:ECM ligands: 2X(Integrin alphaIIb beta3:Inactive (p-Y530)-SRC) [plasma membrane]
Talin:RIAM complex:ECM ligands: 2X(Integrin alphaIIb beta3:p(Y530)-SRC:CSK) [plasma membrane]
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Represented by generalisation(s)Integrin alphaIIb beta3 ECM ligands [extracellular region]
Platelet alpha granule contents [extracellular region]
Platelet alpha granule contents [platelet alpha granule lumen]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Signal Transduction

Extracellular matrix organization


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