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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase shortName:G6PD ecNumber1.1.1.49/ecNumber
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:2539
CTD Gene:2539
DOCK Blaster:1QKI
KEGG Gene:2539
NCBI Gene:2539
Protein Data Bank:1QKI
UCSC human:P11413
dbSNP Gene:2539
Other identifiers related to this sequenceG6PD_HUMAN, D3DWX9, Q16000, Q16765, Q8IU70, Q8IU88, Q8IUA6, Q96PQ2, ENSG00000160211, ENST00000343440, ENSP00000342362, ENST00000393564, ENSP00000377194, ENST00000393562, ENSP00000377192, 202275_at, X55448_cds1_s_at, g4503844_3p_at, A_23_P34093, A_24_P913947, CCDS14756, GE59654, DQ832762, AF277315, DQ832765, DQ832763, EF190463, DQ832766, DQ832761, DQ832764, DQ173596, DQ173623, DQ173624, DQ173625, DQ173630, DQ173631, DQ173633, DQ173634, DQ173635, DQ173636, DQ173637, DQ173638, DQ173641, DQ173642, DQ173592, DQ173593, DQ173594, DQ173595, DQ173597, DQ173598, DQ173599, DQ173600, DQ173601, DQ173602, DQ173603, DQ173604, DQ173605, DQ173606, DQ173607, DQ173608, DQ173609, DQ173610, DQ173611, DQ173612, DQ173613, DQ173614, DQ173615, DQ173616, DQ173617, DQ173618, DQ173619, DQ173620, DQ173621, DQ173622, DQ173626, DQ173627, DQ173628, DQ173629, DQ173632, DQ173639, DQ173640, DQ173568, L44140, X55448, X03674, M65234, M26749, M26750, M65225, M65226, M65227, M65228, M65229, M65230, M65231, M65233, M65232, BC000337, M27940, S58359, X53815, AY158096, AY158097, AY158098, AY158099, AY158100, AY158101, AY158102, AY158103, AY158104, AY158105, AY158106, AY158107, AY158108, AY158109, AY158110, AY158111, AY158112, AY158113, AY158114, AY158115, AY158116, AY158117, AY158118, AY158119, AY158120, AY158121, AY158122, AY158123, AY158124, AY158125, AY158126, AY158127, AY158128, AY158129, AY158130, AY158131, AY158132, AY158133, AY158134, AY158135, AY158136, AY158137, AY158138, AY158139, AY158140, AY158141, AY158142, M12996, M23423, M19866, M21248, S64462, EntrezGene:2539, GI_21614519-S, ILMN_1761, IPI00289800, IPI00642620, IPI00645745, IPI00760751, IPI00853547, IPI00216008, MIM:305900, OTTHUMP00000026034, OTTHUMP00000196180, OTTHUMT00000061165, OTTHUMT00000316149, 1QKI, ABH03565, ABH03568, ABH03566, ABM66444, ABH03569, ABH03564, ABH03567, ABC25886, ABC25891, ABC25896, ABC25901, ABC25906, ABC25911, ABC25916, ABC25921, ABC25926, ABC25931, ABC25936, ABC25941, ABC25946, ABC25951, ABC25956, ABC25961, ABC25966, ABC25971, ABC25976, ABC25981, ABC25831, ABC25836, ABC25841, ABC25846, ABC25851, ABC25856, ABC25861, ABC25866, ABC25871, ABC25876, ABC25881, ABB90566, ABC25732, ABC25737, ABC25742, ABC25747, ABC25752, ABC25757, ABC25761, ABC25766, ABC25771, ABC25776, ABC25781, ABC25786, ABC25791, ABC25796, ABC25801, ABC25806, ABC25811, ABC25816, ABC25821, ABC25826, CAA27309, AAA63175, AAA92653, CAA39089, AAL27011, AAH00337, AAA52504, AAB26169, CAA37811, AAN76367, AAN76368, AAN76369, AAN76370, AAN76371, AAN76372, AAN76373, AAN76374, AAN76375, AAN76376, AAN76377, AAN76378, AAN76379, AAN76380, AAN76381, AAN76382, AAN76383, AAN76384, AAN76385, AAN76386, AAN76387, AAN76388, AAN76389, AAN76390, AAN76391, AAN76392, AAN76393, AAN76394, AAN76395, AAN76396, AAN76397, AAN76398, AAN76399, AAN76400, AAN76401, AAN76402, AAN76403, AAN76404, AAN76405, AAN76406, AAN76407, AAN76408, AAN76409, AAN76410, AAN76411, AAN76412, AAN76413, AAA52499, AAB59390, AAA52501, AAA52500, AAB20299, NM_001042351, NM_000402, NP_001035810, NP_000393, OTTHUMT00000061170, Hs.461047, Hs.684904, Q0PHS5, Q0PHS2, Q0PHS4, A2IBT6, Q0PHS1, Q0PHS6, Q0PHS3, Q2Q9B7, Q2Q9H2, Q2VF42, P11413, Q0PHS5_HUMAN, Q0PHS2_HUMAN, Q0PHS4_HUMAN, A2IBT6_HUMAN, Q0PHS1_HUMAN, Q0PHS6_HUMAN, Q0PHS3_HUMAN, Q2Q9B7_HUMAN, Q2Q9H2_HUMAN, Q2VF42_HUMAN, G6PD_HUMAN, P11413-2, IPR001282
Molecules with this sequenceG6PD [cytosol] UKENBCdORRHHGURRPD
Component ofG6PD dimer [cytosol]
G6PD tetramer [cytosol]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved



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