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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(s) subunit alpha isoforms short alternativeName: Adenylate cyclase-stimulating G alpha protein
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:2778
CTD Gene:2778
KEGG Gene:2778
NCBI Gene:2778
UCSC human:P63092
dbSNP Gene:2778
Other identifiers related to this sequenceGNAS2_HUMAN, A6NI00, E1P5G5, P04895, Q12927, Q14433, Q32P26, Q5JWD2, Q5JWD4, Q5JWD5, Q6NR75, Q6NXS0, Q8TBC0, Q96H70, ENSG00000087460, ENST00000371085, ENSP00000360126, 214157_at, 200780_x_at, 214548_x_at, 212273_x_at, 211858_x_at, 200981_x_at, 37448_s_at, 37450_r_at, 79959_r_at, M21142_cds2_s_at, Hs.273385.2.A1_3p_s_at, g3552031_3p_s_at, g3552031_3p_a_at, Hs.273385.1.A1_3p_s_at, A_24_P273666, A_24_P418809, A_24_P168581, A_23_P218694, A_24_P168574, CCDS13472, GE61326, AF088185, AL121917, AL132655, AL109840, AJ251760, AJ224867, AJ224868, AY898804, X56009, M21142, M21139, M21141, M21740, M21741, X04408, X04409, M21140, U12466, X07036, AF493897, AF493898, BT009905, BC002722, BC008855, BC066923, BC104928, M14631, BC089157, AF064092, AF088184, BC022875, BC108315, EntrezGene:2778, GI_18426899-A, GI_18426897-I, ILMN_32589, ILMN_1233, ILMN_2322, IPI00095891, IPI00792774, IPI00644474, IPI00646491, IPI00154366, IPI00790404, IPI00646672, IPI00030939, IPI00514055, IPI00790002, IPI00219835, IPI00385033, IPI00006762, IPI00640867, IPI00644936, IPI00647637, IPI00465380, MIM:139320, MIM:102200, MIM:103580, MIM:166350, MIM:174800, MIM:219080, OTTHUMP00000031735, OTTHUMP00000174400, OTTHUMP00000174399, OTTHUMP00000031743, OTTHUMP00000031756, OTTHUMP00000031759, OTTHUMT00000080425, OTTHUMT00000267995, OTTHUMT00000267987, OTTHUMT00000080431, OTTHUMT00000080434, OTTHUMT00000080451, OTTHUMT00000080454, AAC34897, CAI42569, CAI42934, CAI43076, CAI42932, CAI42933, CAI42566, CAI42567, CAI43073, CAI43074, CAM28315, CAB83215, CAA12164, CAA12165, AAX51890, CAI42570, CAI42935, CAI43077, CAM28316, CAI42571, CAI43078, CAA39484, CAM28222, CAA27996, CAA27997, AAA53147, AAA53146, AAA53149, AAB60334, CAA30084, AAM12611, AAM12612, AAP88907, CAI42914, CAI42915, CAI42917, CAI42546, CAI42547, CAI42549, AAH02722, AAH08855, AAH66923, AAI04929, AAA52583, AAH89157, AAC16860, AAC34896, AAH22875, AAA53148, AAI08316, CAI42548, CAI42916, CAI42550, NM_080425, NM_001077490, NR_003259, NM_000516, NM_080426, NM_001077488, NM_001077489, NP_536350, NP_001070958, NP_000507, NP_536351, NP_001070956, NP_001070957, OTTHUMT00000080417, OTTHUMT00000080433, Hs.125898, Hs.694849, Hs.696923, Hs.697820, O75633, Q5JWE9, Q5JWF2, Q5JWE8, A2A2S4, P84996, Q5JW64, Q14455, A2A2R6, P63092, Q5FWY2, O60726, O75632, Q8TBC0, Q14433, Q5JWD1, O75633_HUMAN, Q5JWE9_HUMAN, GNAS1_HUMAN, Q5JWE8_HUMAN, A2A2S4_HUMAN, ALEX_HUMAN, Q5JW64_HUMAN, Q14455_HUMAN, A2A2R6_HUMAN, GNAS2_HUMAN, Q5FWY2_HUMAN, O60726_HUMAN, O75632_HUMAN, Q8TBC0_HUMAN, Q14433_HUMAN, Q5JWD1_HUMAN, Q5JWF2-2, Q5JWF2-3, P63092-2, IPR000367, IPR001019
Molecules with this sequenceGNAS [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOOOOOORHGUR
Component ofG-protein alpha (s):GDP [plasma membrane]
G-protein alpha (s):GTP [plasma membrane]
G-protein with G(s) alpha:GDP [plasma membrane]
Heterotrimeric G-protein Gs (inactive) [plasma membrane]
GLP-1: GLP-1R: Heterotrimeric G(s): GDP [plasma membrane]
GLP-1R: Heterotrimeric G(s): GDP [plasma membrane]
G-alpha(s):GDP:G-beta:G-gamma [plasma membrane]
Gs-activated adenylate cyclase [plasma membrane]
Heterotrimeric G-protein Gs (active) [plasma membrane]
Adenylate cyclase: G-protein alpha (s): GTP Complex [plasma membrane]
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Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Signal Transduction

Transmembrane transport of small molecules



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