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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DRB1-3 chain alternativeName: Clone P2-beta-3 alternativeName: MHC class II antigen DRB1*3
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesKEGG Gene:3123
BioGPS Gene:730415
CTD Gene:730415
DOCK Blaster:1A6A
NCBI Gene:730415
Protein Data Bank:1A6A
UCSC human:P01912
dbSNP Gene:730415
Other identifiers related to this sequence2B13_HUMAN, ENSG00000206306, ENST00000328980, ENSP00000331343, ENSG00000206240, ENST00000399450, ENSP00000382378, A_23_P31006, A_24_P343233, A_23_P156722, A_32_P374764, GE643599, AM409259, EF471909, X04054, M35980, Y17695, X73027, DQ782330, U29342, Z71289, X75441, AM109995, AM109993, AM109991, AM109987, AM109979, AF499445, AF490771, AY188946, AY174181, AJ506201, AY050211, AJ293695, AJ293696, AJ409216, AF316619, AF315825, AJ297266, AF288212, AF152843, AM409244, AM410992, EF495129, DQ658416, U17379, U33325, U35375, Z38072, X87200, M57600, AM109999, AM109990, AM109978, DQ133168, AY770520, AY607029, AY536008, AY504962, AY259128, AF247533, AF029286, AJ245716, X65565, X97407, DQ390460, U32325, M74032, L29807, AM109980, DQ135944, AY663393, AJ812566, AY283604, AJ627565, AY116505, AJ563409, D88310, AJ279010, AF029266, AF029265, M35001, EF078986, X64439, X64442, X69600, AF004817, X65562, L07767, M81179, U59691, U82403, DQ666333, AM269468, U17381, U37433, M35003, X95392, AM233907, DQ282118, M25265, AM110003, AM109984, AM109983, DQ133169, AY963587, AY504812, AY429722, AY277392, AY257483, AY178184, AJ316583, D87822, AY028521, AY028520, AJ289124, AF142444, AF112879, AJ237899, X64438, X64440, X69599, EF199810, U35729, M15839, M15373, M15377, M81178, AF081676, M27645, X65561, D13412, M81743, M25266, M63216, AM110002, AM109997, AM109994, AM109975, AM109968, AY663396, X04056, AY396024, AY277390, AY267905, AY259127, AY179833, AJ420288, U68391, AY050214, AF335320, AF335319, AF217961, AF142459, AF136155, M81175, Y17863, AJ012424, DQ390459, U37264, L23534, AM158254, M77671, AM110001, AM110000, AM109989, AM109985, AM109982, AM109981, AM109977, AM087553, AY339247, AY225520, AJ507783, AJ409215, AF352294, AF243538, AF169240, AJ249591, U95115, AF028588, M35981, M81176, U79028, AM286283, U26557, DQ334726, M59803, AM109998, AM109976, DQ060439, DQ011878, AY641577, AJ543433, AY277388, AF343002, AF335318, X64437, AF017439, X65564, M91807, M81177, Y17274, U37582, U47028, L41992, AM109996, AM109992, AM109988, AM109986, AM109967, DQ179041, AY663404, AY502108, AY299386, AY277389, AY174182, AJ506788, AF441789, AF335232, AJ271206, AF243537, AF176834, AF142443, EF493833, EF493832, U83583, AY961077, AY961069, U95817, AY961067, AJ697893, AY663397, BC008403, AJ297584, AJ297582, U65585, M27689, AY961071, AY961070, AY961065, AJ302075, AJ297583, AL929581, U83584, M17379, M17383, DQ090958, AY961076, AY935719, AY961078, AL662842, AY663413, M17382, AY663415, AY663405, AM419949, AY626551, BC031023, U95989, M27635, AY663394, X99895, AJ297585, AY961066, AJ697892, AY663412, AY663408, AY663399, AY663407, AY961064, Z84489, AB062112, BC007920, L76133, M26038, S69987, M17386, M60216, AJ249626, AF330103, AY028515, AY028514, AY028517, AY028516, AY028519, AY028518, M27511, AF144105, L10402, M15074, M20138, AF225565, M11867, M22050, M21966, M22047, M22048, M22049, AJ297587, X00699, X00700, EntrezGene:730415, GI_18641372-S, ILMN_18172, IPI00789407, IPI00815838, IPI00816410, IPI00845452, IPI00847347, IPI00853168, IPI00005180, IPI00471969, IPI00473139, IPI00746667, IPI00746734, IPI00829673, IPI00853473, MIM:142857, MIM:609532, 1A6A, CAL64841, ABO69630, CAA27687, AAA36286, CAA76817, CAA51510, ABG91053, AAB63410, CAA95873, CAA53193, CAJ33602, CAJ33600, CAJ33598, CAJ33594, CAJ33586, AAP68877, AAO85467, AAO39066, AAO17053, CAD44639, AAL23552, CAC48395, CAC34578, AAK07563, CAC19573, AAG01005, AAD45284, CAL64826, CAL69969, ABP01682, ABI84243, AAC50165, AAA75372, AAA75373, CAA86217, CAA60646, AAA36292, CAJ33606, CAJ33597, CAJ33585, AAZ41844, AAV37191, AAT46361, AAS47492, AAR98758, AAP21614, AAF99607, AAF65495, CAB53345, CAA46534, CAA66060, ABD60301, AAA93169, AAA63193, AAB48012, CAJ33587, AAZ53370, CAH23708, AAQ18120, CAF28889, AAM75383, CAD91390, BAA13587, CAC09420, AAF65476, AAF65475, AAA53101, ABK56696, CAL69441, CAL69444, CAL69445, AAB61608, CAA46532, AAA59689, AAA91846, AAB71492, AAB39994, ABG56235, CAK29680, AAC50167, AAB63411, AAA35775, CAA64675, CAJ80873, ABB91804, AAA57260, CAJ33610, CAJ33591, CAJ33590, AAZ41845, AAX51706, AAU87974, AAR98643, AAR10878, AAP34696, AAP13509, AAO21939, CAC87813, BAA13464, AAK31611, CAC19016, AAD31288, AAD29584, CAB51036, CAL69440, CAL69442, CAL69446, ABM90423, AAA79144, AAA58651, AAA91845, AAC32201, AAA72783, CAA46531, BAA02678, AAA36284, AAA57259, AAA52325, CAJ33609, CAJ33604, CAJ33601, CAJ33582, CAJ33575, AAU87983, CAE82036, AAQ96776, AAP34694, AAP32696, AAP21613, AAO21195, CAD12395, AAB08109, AAL23553, AAK07658, AAF32310, AAD31303, AAD27646, AAA91842, CAA76897, CAA10009, ABD60300, AAA84888, AAA62591, CAJ43560, AAA73129, CAJ33608, CAJ33607, CAJ33596, CAJ33592, CAJ33589, CAJ33588, CAJ33584, CAJ32475, AAQ18914, AAO67727, CAD47819, CAC34577, AAK27711, AAG00415, AAD51316, CAB56840, AAB58397, AAB84138, AAA36287, AAA91843, AAB63320, CAL08016, AAA67958, ABC61957, AAA64237, CAJ33605, CAJ33583, AAY59541, AAY40253, AAT64904, CAD65908, AAP34692, AAK01305, AAK07657, CAL69439, AAB70553, CAA46533, AAA59790, AAA91844, CAA76723, AAA79205, AAB63412, AAA65914, CAJ33603, CAJ33599, CAJ33595, CAJ33593, CAJ33574, ABA06599, AAU88003, AAR89455, AAP57472, AAP34693, AAO17054, CAD44948, AAL35834, AAK20874, CAC27122, AAG00414, AAD53167, AAD31287, ABP68561, ABP68560, AAC02812, AAX63465, AAX63457, AAD00817, AAX63455, CAG27026, AAH08403, CAC08824, CAC08822, AAD43827, AAA59829, AAX63459, AAX63458, AAX63453, CAC44379, CAC08823, AAC02813, AAA59803, AAA36294, AAY96423, AAX63464, AAX33315, AAX63466, AAA59819, AAU88035, AAU88005, CAL99241, AAV34808, AAH31023, AAC82538, AAA81550, AAU87976, CAA68170, CAC08825, AAX63454, CAG27025, AAU87985, AAU88026, AAU87990, AAU88011, AAX63452, CAB06490, CAI17551, CAI18693, AAU88014, BAB84521, AAH07920, AAL40069, AAU88029, AAA59794, AAD14052, AAA36298, CAB56284, AAK08504, AAK31608, AAK31609, AAK31610, AAA59817, AAD38374, AAA51400, AAA59810, AAA59832, AAF65542, AAA36274, AAA59713, CAC08827, CAA25295, CAA25296, NM_021983, XM_001124749, XP_001124749, OTTHUMT00000035239, OTTHUMT00000077132, Hs.654405, A0AQZ2, A4URM3, O19660, O19721, O77965, Q07493, Q0PQ40, Q29696, Q29804, Q29957, Q3LA95, Q3LA97, Q3LA99, Q3LAA3, Q3LAB1, Q7YQ26, Q860Y4, Q861F8, Q861H5, Q8MGY3, Q95HK5, Q95IE4, Q9BCM2, Q9BD40, Q9GIL1, Q9GJM1, Q9TQ23, A0AQX7, A0PFK3, A4UUM5, Q06RK2, Q29671, Q29711, Q29717, Q29800, Q29979, Q30111, Q3LA91, Q3LAA0, Q3LAB2, Q45G74, Q5U9W6, Q6GYF6, Q6QJL9, Q6RCM2, Q860E3, Q9GJF8, Q9MXZ7, Q9UM34, O19662, Q14280, Q27PR6, Q29706, Q29903, Q29905, Q3LAB0, Q45FZ4, Q683P7, Q6WIG6, Q701T1, Q7YPZ4, Q7YQ99, Q95348, Q9GIY9, Q9MY16, Q9MY17, Q9UM29, A0N0W1, A0N9A1, A0N9A4, A0N9E2, O02951, O19665, O19696, O19737, O19791, P79550, Q0Z850, Q1EIR2, Q29673, Q29726, Q29813, Q29887, Q2A120, Q2PZR1, Q30165, Q3LA87, Q3LAA6, Q3LAA7, Q45G73, Q58F52, Q5Y7G9, Q6RCQ0, Q6T718, Q7YQA3, Q860I1, Q861H0, Q8WLS0, Q95354, Q9BCN9, Q9GIL4, Q9XRW9, Q9XRY4, Q9Y4H8, A0N9A0, A0N9A2, A0N9E1, A2TGX3, O19190, O19678, O19736, O78161, Q13750, Q29807, Q29955, Q30127, Q30164, Q31644, Q3LA88, Q3LA93, Q3LA96, Q3LAB5, Q3LAC2, Q5Y7G0, Q6LBW8, Q6TKG7, Q7YQA5, Q860D9, Q860E4, Q861G1, Q8MGZ2, Q95386, Q95HK4, Q9BD26, Q9MYG3, Q9TQ48, Q9XRX1, O19733, O77962, O95729, Q27PR7, Q29725, Q29833, Q2YHQ2, Q31637, Q3LA89, Q3LA90, Q3LAA1, Q3LAA5, Q3LAA8, Q3LAA9, Q3LAB3, Q3LAG4, Q7YP03, Q860Z3, Q8HWN2, Q9BCM3, Q9BCP6, Q9GJF9, Q9TPW8, Q9UIN0, O02876, O19592, O19725, O19734, P79548, Q14FK6, Q29690, Q2LDE4, Q30112, Q3LA92, Q3LAB4, Q4PRC5, Q4U4M7, Q6DV47, Q7YNY9, Q7YQA7, Q9BD24, Q9BD27, A0N999, O19585, O19663, O19723, O19735, O77970, Q13365, Q29745, Q29874, Q3LA94, Q3LA98, Q3LAA2, Q3LAA4, Q3LAC3, Q3LTJ3, Q5Y7E0, Q6REE2, Q7YQ27, Q7YQA6, Q861H4, Q8MGY2, Q8WMA0, Q9BCS6, Q9BD21, Q9GJG0, Q9TPB7, Q9TQ63, A4ZXA6, A4ZXA5, O19762, Q56FN5, Q56FP3, Q9TQD9, Q56FP5, Q5K3W2, Q95IT4, Q9GIY1, Q9GIY3, Q9TQE1, Q30162, Q56FP1, Q56FP2, Q56FP7, Q95IE3, Q9GIY2, O19763, Q30143, Q30147, Q4JH26, Q56FN6, Q5BM92, Q56FN4, Q30151, Q5Y7A7, Q5Y7D7, A4F5N1, Q5UT58, Q8NEI3, Q9TQD6, Q29901, Q5Y7G6, Q95462, Q9GIY0, Q5K3W3, Q5Y7B6, Q5Y7D1, Q8WLU3, Q96HZ9, Q30134, Q30167, P20039, P01912, P01914, A0AQZ2_HUMAN, A4URM3_HUMAN, O19660_HUMAN, O19721_HUMAN, O77965_HUMAN, Q07493_HUMAN, Q0PQ40_HUMAN, Q29696_HUMAN, Q29804_HUMAN, Q29957_HUMAN, Q3LA95_HUMAN, Q3LA97_HUMAN, Q3LA99_HUMAN, Q3LAA3_HUMAN, Q3LAB1_HUMAN, Q7YQ26_HUMAN, Q860Y4_HUMAN, Q861F8_HUMAN, Q861H5_HUMAN, Q8MGY3_HUMAN, Q95HK5_HUMAN, Q95IE4_HUMAN, Q9BCM2_HUMAN, Q9BD40_HUMAN, Q9GIL1_HUMAN, Q9GJM1_HUMAN, Q9TQ23_HUMAN, A0AQX7_HUMAN, A0PFK3_HUMAN, A4UUM5_HUMAN, Q06RK2_HUMAN, Q29671_HUMAN, Q29711_HUMAN, Q29717_HUMAN, Q29800_HUMAN, Q29979_HUMAN, Q30111_HUMAN, Q3LA91_HUMAN, Q3LAA0_HUMAN, Q3LAB2_HUMAN, Q45G74_HUMAN, Q5U9W6_HUMAN, Q6GYF6_HUMAN, Q6QJL9_HUMAN, Q6RCM2_HUMAN, Q860E3_HUMAN, Q9GJF8_HUMAN, Q9MXZ7_HUMAN, Q9UM34_HUMAN, O19662_HUMAN, Q14280_HUMAN, Q27PR6_HUMAN, Q29706_HUMAN, Q29903_HUMAN, Q29905_HUMAN, Q3LAB0_HUMAN, Q45FZ4_HUMAN, Q683P7_HUMAN, Q6WIG6_HUMAN, Q701T1_HUMAN, Q7YPZ4_HUMAN, Q7YQ99_HUMAN, Q95348_HUMAN, Q9GIY9_HUMAN, Q9MY16_HUMAN, Q9MY17_HUMAN, Q9UM29_HUMAN, A0N0W1_HUMAN, A0N9A1_HUMAN, A0N9A4_HUMAN, A0N9E2_HUMAN, O02951_HUMAN, O19665_HUMAN, O19696_HUMAN, O19737_HUMAN, O19791_HUMAN, P79550_HUMAN, Q0Z850_HUMAN, Q1EIR2_HUMAN, Q29673_HUMAN, Q29726_HUMAN, Q29813_HUMAN, Q29887_HUMAN, Q2A120_HUMAN, Q2PZR1_HUMAN, Q30165_HUMAN, Q3LA87_HUMAN, Q3LAA6_HUMAN, Q3LAA7_HUMAN, Q45G73_HUMAN, Q58F52_HUMAN, Q5Y7G9_HUMAN, Q6RCQ0_HUMAN, Q6T718_HUMAN, Q7YQA3_HUMAN, Q860I1_HUMAN, Q861H0_HUMAN, Q8WLS0_HUMAN, Q95354_HUMAN, Q9BCN9_HUMAN, Q9GIL4_HUMAN, Q9XRW9_HUMAN, Q9XRY4_HUMAN, Q9Y4H8_HUMAN, A0N9A0_HUMAN, A0N9A2_HUMAN, A0N9E1_HUMAN, A2TGX3_HUMAN, O19190_HUMAN, O19678_HUMAN, O19736_HUMAN, O78161_HUMAN, Q13750_HUMAN, Q29807_HUMAN, Q29955_HUMAN, Q30127_HUMAN, Q30164_HUMAN, Q31644_HUMAN, Q3LA88_HUMAN, Q3LA93_HUMAN, Q3LA96_HUMAN, Q3LAB5_HUMAN, Q3LAC2_HUMAN, Q5Y7G0_HUMAN, Q6LBW8_HUMAN, Q6TKG7_HUMAN, Q7YQA5_HUMAN, Q860D9_HUMAN, Q860E4_HUMAN, Q861G1_HUMAN, Q8MGZ2_HUMAN, Q95386_HUMAN, Q95HK4_HUMAN, Q9BD26_HUMAN, Q9MYG3_HUMAN, Q9TQ48_HUMAN, Q9XRX1_HUMAN, O19733_HUMAN, O77962_HUMAN, O95729_HUMAN, Q27PR7_HUMAN, Q29725_HUMAN, Q29833_HUMAN, Q2YHQ2_HUMAN, Q31637_HUMAN, Q3LA89_HUMAN, Q3LA90_HUMAN, Q3LAA1_HUMAN, Q3LAA5_HUMAN, Q3LAA8_HUMAN, Q3LAA9_HUMAN, Q3LAB3_HUMAN, Q3LAG4_HUMAN, Q7YP03_HUMAN, Q860Z3_HUMAN, Q8HWN2_HUMAN, Q9BCM3_HUMAN, Q9BCP6_HUMAN, Q9GJF9_HUMAN, Q9TPW8_HUMAN, Q9UIN0_HUMAN, O02876_HUMAN, O19592_HUMAN, O19725_HUMAN, O19734_HUMAN, P79548_HUMAN, Q14FK6_HUMAN, Q29690_HUMAN, Q2LDE4_HUMAN, Q30112_HUMAN, Q3LA92_HUMAN, Q3LAB4_HUMAN, Q4PRC5_HUMAN, Q4U4M7_HUMAN, Q6DV47_HUMAN, Q7YNY9_HUMAN, Q7YQA7_HUMAN, Q9BD24_HUMAN, Q9BD27_HUMAN, A0N999_HUMAN, O19585_HUMAN, O19663_HUMAN, O19723_HUMAN, O19735_HUMAN, O77970_HUMAN, Q13365_HUMAN, Q29745_HUMAN, Q29874_HUMAN, Q3LA94_HUMAN, Q3LA98_HUMAN, Q3LAA2_HUMAN, Q3LAA4_HUMAN, Q3LAC3_HUMAN, Q3LTJ3_HUMAN, Q5Y7E0_HUMAN, Q6REE2_HUMAN, Q7YQ27_HUMAN, Q7YQA6_HUMAN, Q861H4_HUMAN, Q8MGY2_HUMAN, Q8WMA0_HUMAN, Q9BCS6_HUMAN, Q9BD21_HUMAN, Q9GJG0_HUMAN, Q9TPB7_HUMAN, Q9TQ63_HUMAN, A4ZXA6_HUMAN, A4ZXA5_HUMAN, O19762_HUMAN, Q56FN5_HUMAN, Q56FP3_HUMAN, Q9TQD9_HUMAN, Q56FP5_HUMAN, Q5K3W2_HUMAN, Q95IT4_HUMAN, Q9GIY1_HUMAN, Q9GIY3_HUMAN, Q9TQE1_HUMAN, Q30162_HUMAN, Q56FP1_HUMAN, Q56FP2_HUMAN, Q56FP7_HUMAN, Q95IE3_HUMAN, Q9GIY2_HUMAN, O19763_HUMAN, Q30143_HUMAN, Q30147_HUMAN, Q4JH26_HUMAN, Q56FN6_HUMAN, Q5BM92_HUMAN, Q56FN4_HUMAN, Q30151_HUMAN, Q5Y7A7_HUMAN, Q5Y7D7_HUMAN, A4F5N1_HUMAN, Q5UT58_HUMAN, Q8NEI3_HUMAN, Q9TQD6_HUMAN, Q29901_HUMAN, Q5Y7G6_HUMAN, Q95462_HUMAN, Q9GIY0_HUMAN, Q5K3W3_HUMAN, Q5Y7B6_HUMAN, Q5Y7D1_HUMAN, Q8WLU3_HUMAN, Q96HZ9_HUMAN, 2B18_HUMAN, 2B1A_HUMAN, 2B1B_HUMAN, HB2B_HUMAN, HB2C_HUMAN, IPR003006, IPR000353, IPR003597, IPR013151, IPR007110
Molecules with this sequenceHLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DR-1 beta chain precursor [plasma membrane] UKEENBCdOOGUPD
HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DR-1 beta chain precursor [lysosomal membrane] UKEENBCdOOGUPD
HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DR-1 beta chain precursor [endocytic vesicle membrane] UKEENBCdOOGUPD
HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DR-1 beta chain precursor [transport vesicle membrane] UKEENBCdOOGUPD
HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DR-1 beta chain precursor [clathrin-coated endocytic vesicle membrane] UKEENBCdOOGUPD
HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DR-1 beta chain precursor [ER to Golgi transport vesicle membrane] UKEENBCdOOGUPD
HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DR-1 beta chain precursor [integral component of lumenal side of endoplasmic reticulum membrane] UKEENBCdOOGUPD
HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DR-1 beta chain precursor [trans-Golgi network membrane] UKEENBCdOOGUPD
HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DR-1 beta chain precursor [Golgi membrane] UKEENBCdOOGUPD
Component ofMHC class II alpha/beta dimer [plasma membrane]
MHC II alpha/beta dimer [lysosomal membrane]
MHC class II alpha/beta dimer [endocytic vesicle membrane]
MHC class II alpha/beta/Ii nonamer [transport vesicle membrane]
MHC class II alpha/beta dimer [clathrin-coated endocytic vesicle membrane]
MHC II alpha/beta dimer [ER to Golgi transport vesicle membrane]
MHC II alpha beta heterodimer [integral component of lumenal side of endoplasmic reticulum membrane]
MHC II alpha/beta dimer [trans-Golgi network membrane]
MHC II alpha/beta dimer [Golgi membrane]
MHC Class II bearing antigen peptide [plasma membrane]
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Represented by generalisation(s)HLA II beta chain [plasma membrane]
HLA II beta chain [lysosomal membrane]
HLA II beta chain [endocytic vesicle membrane]
HLA II beta chain [transport vesicle membrane]
HLA II beta chain [clathrin-coated endocytic vesicle membrane]
HLA II beta chain [ER to Golgi transport vesicle membrane]
HLA II beta chain [integral component of lumenal side of endoplasmic reticulum membrane]
HLA II beta chain [trans-Golgi network membrane]
HLA II beta chain [Golgi membrane]
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