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Reactome (instancebrowser)
Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesMus musculus
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:17535
CTD Gene:17535
NCBI Gene:17535
dbSNP Gene:17535
Other identifiers related to this sequenceB2KF76, A_52_P47006, 5038191, 5118458, 4437723, uc009ofc.1, XP_006510115, GE37268, ILMN_1227920, OTTMUSP00000041737, A_52_P586172, Mm.149071, 4459506, AK041248, A_55_P2129319, 4370102, Mre11a-001, 17535, U58987, XP_006510116, 4972843, CCDS22827, ENSMUSP00000034405, AK161013, 4555588, IPR007281, MGI:1100512, PF00149, AK141214, 4650290, IPR003701, BAC30878, AC136743, Q8BRV3, IPR004843, 4461084, 5494300, u58987_s_at, A_51_P446678, 5072674, MRE11A, Q3TU24, Q3URU4, U60318, 5115662, 4836890, 5044762, XP_006510111, 1441990_at, NP_061206, CT030247, IPR029052, 4022449A05, 1416748_a_at, ENSMUSG00000031928, NM_018736, 4693765, 4877471, EDL25008, BAE36147, 4429829, A530094H17, 5466545, UPI0000023914, BC065144, BAE24593, 10583264, AAB03664, 4628284, Mre11a, 94376_s_at, PF04152, AAH65144, 4356725, C330011A17, 5090010, ILMN_1250857, EntrezGene:17535, 4368728, 5459271, ILMN_2982250, Mm.413091, mMC004224, CH466522, XM_006510048, 5019644, AAB04955, XP_006510112, OTTMUSP00000041738, uc009ofd.1, XP_006510113, 4754308, 5566239, XM_006510050, ENSMUSP00000111295, XP_006510117, Mre11a-002, 5353822, XM_006510054, 4966977, XM_006510049, UPI000002AE4C, 134757_at
Molecules with this sequenceMRE11A [nucleoplasm] UEENBCdRHPR
MRE11A [cytosol] UEENBCdRHPR
Component ofDNA double-strand break ends: MRN complex (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [nucleoplasm]
DNA DSBs/Shortened telomeres:MRN (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [nucleoplasm]
DNA DSBs/Shortened telomeres:MRN:ATM dimer (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [nucleoplasm]
MRE11:dsDNA (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [cytosol]
MRE11:RAD50:NBS1 complex (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [nucleoplasm]
RAD50:MRE11 complex (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

DNA Repair

Cellular responses to stress

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