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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: DNA mismatch repair protein Mlh1 alternativeName: MutL protein homolog 1
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:4292
CTD Gene:4292
KEGG Gene:4292
NCBI Gene:4292
UCSC human:P40692
dbSNP Gene:4292
Other identifiers related to this sequenceMLH1_HUMAN, B4DI13, B4DQ11, E9PCU2, ENSP00000443665, 1850_at, U40961, GE58891, AK302807, ENSP00000402564, BAG58325, U40964, XP_005265223, B7Z821, U40976, U17847, AY217549, BAG60773, 2616976, uc003cgl.3, EAW64483, 2616936, NM_000249, 16938899, AC006583, U40962, F2Z298, U17849, E7EUC9, U40970, MLH1, NP_000240, Q5GJ64, PF02518, 2616948, 2616958, U40968, LRG_216t1, U17854, 4P7A, ACR33810, HGNC:7127, LRG_216, AK298583, CAB013294, 2616986, U17841, MLH1-001, CCDS2663, U17857, AY517558, OTTHUMP00000161361, 2616963, A_33_P3419720, U17846, 11756036_x_at, AF001359_f_at, 3NA3, XM_005265164, ENSG00000076242, 2616946, IPR002099, IPR020568, 2616950, U17851, AAC50285, BAH14445, MIM:276300, HMLH1, U17852, UPI0000000C7E, PF01119, MIM:120436, C4PFY8, AK298324, 2616971, AK295359, U07418_at, CH471055, U40974, ENSP00000402667, ABW69161, Hs.195364, 2616944, U17843, ENST00000435176, EU188665, U17840, 3RBN, IPR003594, U40966, IPR013507, 2616972, U07418, ENSP00000231790, 2616937, AK316264, U17839, 2616941, XP_005265221, U17856, U40960, 202520_s_at, U40965, AK316074, ENST00000539477, AAA85687, AAO22994, 2616985, 2616947, AAT44531, 2616977, PH_hs_0020137, 2616949, U17848, MIM:158320, AAA17374, 7903889, U40963, 2616969, U17842, U40969, PH_hs_0045781, 2616967, BAH13807, ILMN_1788363, 11717635_a_at, BAG60576, U17853, U40977, A_23_P69058, U17855, U07343, MIM:608089, A_14_P110897, 2616934, U40975, BC006850, BAH14635, U40972, U40973, A8W2I7, ENST00000231790, 4292, 8078544, U17845, 2616982, ENST00000458205, A_14_P105437, AC011816, HPA052707, U40978, 2616968, EntrezGene:4292, 2616935, 2616980, AAA82079, 2616970, U40971, 0001400064, 2616951, FJ940753, U40967, MIM:609310, AAH06850, U17844, g4557756_3p_s_at, CCDS54563, UPI0000EE29B4, NM_001258274, 2616933, uc003cgn.4, 2616938, 2616942, 11760865_at, NP_001245203, OTTHUMP00000210160, MLH1-004, OTTHUMP00000210161, NP_001161090, MLH1-005, ENSP00000398272, uc011ayd.2, NM_001167618, CCDS54562, uc011ayc.2, NM_001167617, NP_001161089, C9JZ54, OTTHUMP00000210162, XP_005265220, MLH1-006, XM_005265162, XM_005265163, UPI000198CA43, NM_001167619, NP_001161091, MLH1-202, uc003cgo.3
Molecules with this sequenceMLH1 [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdOOOOOORHPGUR
Component ofCleaved Meiotic Holliday Junction [nucleoplasm]
EXO1:MLH1:PMS2:MSH2:MSH3:ATP:PCNA:DNA containing IDL of 2 or more bases and single strand incision [nucleoplasm]
EXO1:MLH1:PMS2:MSH2:MSH6:ATP:PCNA:DNA containing 1-2 base mismatch and single strand incision [nucleoplasm]
MLH1:MLH3 [nucleoplasm]
MLH1:PMS2 [nucleoplasm]
MLH1:PMS2:MSH2:MSH3:ATP:PCNA:DNA containing IDL of 2 bases or more [nucleoplasm]
MLH1:PMS2:MSH2:MSH3:ATP:PCNA:DNA containing IDL of 2 or more bases and single strand incision [nucleoplasm]
MLH1:PMS2:MSH2:MSH6:ATP:PCNA:DNA containing 1-2 base mismatch [nucleoplasm]
MLH1:PMS2:MSH2:MSH6:ATP:PCNA:DNA containing 1-2 base mismatch and single strand incision [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Cell Cycle

DNA Repair

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