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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Myosin-binding protein C, cardiac-type shortName:Cardiac MyBP-C alternativeName: C-protein, cardiac muscle isoform
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesDOCK Blaster:1GXE
DOCK Blaster:1PD6
KEGG Gene:4607
Protein Data Bank:1GXE
Protein Data Bank:1PD6
UCSC human:Q14896
Other identifiers related to this sequenceMYPC3_HUMAN, A5PL00, Q16410, Q6R2F7, Q9UE27, Q9UM53, SM00409, AAI51212, 3372166, SM00408, EntrezGene:4607, HPA043898, B6D426, 3372137, 3372152, 16737976, AAB35662, LRG_386, 3372150, AAI36547, 3372133, 2V6H, ADL14489, 7947828, AC090582, 3372151, LRG_386t1, GU324918, 3372153, 3372130, 3372139, 1PD6, 11752158_x_at, 3372146, 3372149, 3372136, EU747719, ENSP00000442795, BC142685, 8358441, IPR003961, IPR013098, U91629, SM00060, MYBPC3, BC151211, NM_000256, 3372134, 3372170, 208040_s_at, 3372171, 3372155, uc031xoi.1, AY518390, 7744002, GE62642, HGNC:7551, 3372156, AAI36544, AAC04620, 3372163, 3372154, PF07679, 1GXE, 3372131, 3372157, 3372164, PH_hs_0013574, g13325073_3p_s_at, AAR89909, S80778, 0005420286, XP_006718301, IPR007110, CAA58882, 35038_at, 3372160, UPI000006EEAA, 2K1M, IPR003599, 11725151_at, X84075, 3372158, BC136543, CCDS53621, NP_000247, ACH92817, MIM:600958, 3CX2, 3372161, MIM:615396, Hs.524906, XM_006718238, ILMN_1768761, IPR003598, 3372138, ENST00000545968, Y10129, BC136546, AAI42686, OTTHUMP00000234664, ILMN_1781184, 3372142, 4607, 3372165, 3372162, MYBPC3-001, HPA040147, 3372143, PF00041, ENSG00000134571, 3372144, 2AVG, MIM:115197, 3372168, 3372169, A_23_P127385, 3372167, CAA71216, CH471064, ENSP00000256993, EAW67928, MYBPC3-201, EAW67929, D3DQR5, UPI0000DFF9BE
Molecules with this sequenceMYBPC3 [cytosol] UKEOOOOPGPPUDD
Component ofADP:Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
ATP:Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
Inactive Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
M Disk Complex [cytosol]
Represented by generalisation(s)Myosin-binding protein C [cytosol]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Muscle contraction

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