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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Oxysterols receptor LXR-beta alternativeName: Liver X receptor beta alternativeName: Nuclear receptor NER alternativeName: Nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group H member 2 alternativeName: Ubiquitously-expressed nuclear receptor
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:7376
CTD Gene:7376
DOCK Blaster:1P8D
DOCK Blaster:1PQ6
DOCK Blaster:1PQ9
DOCK Blaster:1PQC
DOCK Blaster:1UPV
DOCK Blaster:1UPW
KEGG Gene:7376
NCBI Gene:7376
Protein Data Bank:1P8D
Protein Data Bank:1PQ6
Protein Data Bank:1PQ9
Protein Data Bank:1PQC
Protein Data Bank:1UPV
Protein Data Bank:1UPW
UCSC human:P55055
dbSNP Gene:7376
Other identifiers related to this sequenceNR1H2_HUMAN, A8K490, B4DNM6, E7EWA6, Q12970, Q5I0Y1, 3839300, 3839302, NP_001243576, 11748768_x_at, IPR001723, 3839288, ENSP00000396151, 11751235_a_at, IPR003069, NR1H2-003, PF00104, ILMN_1678032, BC007790, AAH07790, 4DK7, AAH33500, uc002psa.5, 518_at, NR1H2, g11321629_3p_x_at, AAH74500, 7971966, IPR008946, PR01283, MIM:600380, IPR001728, 218215_s_at, PR00546, UPI0000E5A22B, GE58888, BC074500, IPR000536, 0005890148, AK297978, 3839295, 4DK8, 1PQ9, ENSG00000131408, NM_001256647, Hs.432976, U07132, 3KFC, 16864472, 1PQC, 8030630, PR02034, 3839289, AAH47750, AAA58594, SM00430, BC047750, IPR003078, 7376, AK290855, A_23_P67332, BC033500, 1UPW, g11321629_3p_a_at, U07132_at, U14534, AC008655, BAG60288, EntrezGene:7376, OTTHUMP00000270674, A_23_P55926, 1UPV, 11757339_x_at, 7782080, 519_g_at, 3839297, 1PQ6, PR01292, 3839299, 3839303, PR00398, 3839283, ILMN_1691345, IPR023257, 3839298, M0R3A7, CCDS58673, 3839296, 3839285, 1P8D, BAF83544, 3L0E, AAA61783, HPA056838, HGNC:7965, Hs.718380, SM00399, CCDS42593, 3839304, 3839293, 3839292, NR1H2-001, HQ692835, CH471135, 4NQA, EAW71852, ADZ17346, UPI000013CDEE, F1D8P7, PR00047, M0R1V8, OTTHUMP00000270675, 3839291, ENSP00000253727, NM_007121, PF00105, M0QYE6, IPR001628, uc010enw.4, M0QZF5, NP_009052, OTTHUMP00000270679, ENSP00000471194, NR1H2-002
Molecules with this sequenceNR1H2 [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdORHPGPPPPPPURDDDDDDZ
Component ofNR-MED1 Coactivator Complex [nucleoplasm]
Represented by generalisation(s)NR [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Gene Expression

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