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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: N-glycosylase/DNA lyase domain recommendedName: 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase ecNumber3.2.2.-/ecNumber /domain domain recommendedName: DNA-(apurinic or apyrimidinic site) lyase shortName:AP lyase ecNumber4.2.99.18/ecNumber /domain
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:4968
CTD Gene:4968
DOCK Blaster:1EBM
DOCK Blaster:1FN7
DOCK Blaster:1HU0
DOCK Blaster:1KO9
DOCK Blaster:1LWV
DOCK Blaster:1LWW
DOCK Blaster:1LWY
DOCK Blaster:1M3H
DOCK Blaster:1M3Q
DOCK Blaster:1N39
DOCK Blaster:1N3A
DOCK Blaster:1N3C
DOCK Blaster:1YQK
DOCK Blaster:1YQL
DOCK Blaster:1YQM
DOCK Blaster:1YQR
DOCK Blaster:2I5W
DOCK Blaster:2NOB
DOCK Blaster:2NOE
DOCK Blaster:2NOF
DOCK Blaster:2NOH
DOCK Blaster:2NOI
DOCK Blaster:2NOL
DOCK Blaster:2NOZ
KEGG Gene:4968
NCBI Gene:4968
Protein Data Bank:1EBM
Protein Data Bank:1FN7
Protein Data Bank:1HU0
Protein Data Bank:1KO9
Protein Data Bank:1LWV
Protein Data Bank:1LWW
Protein Data Bank:1LWY
Protein Data Bank:1M3H
Protein Data Bank:1M3Q
Protein Data Bank:1N39
Protein Data Bank:1N3A
Protein Data Bank:1N3C
Protein Data Bank:1YQK
Protein Data Bank:1YQL
Protein Data Bank:1YQM
Protein Data Bank:1YQR
Protein Data Bank:2I5W
Protein Data Bank:2NOB
Protein Data Bank:2NOE
Protein Data Bank:2NOF
Protein Data Bank:2NOH
Protein Data Bank:2NOI
Protein Data Bank:2NOL
Protein Data Bank:2NOZ
UCSC human:O15527
dbSNP Gene:4968
Other identifiers related to this sequenceOGG1_HUMAN, A8K1E3, O00390, O00670, O00705, O14876, O95488, P78554, Q9BW42, Q9UIK0, Q9UIK1, Q9UIK2, Q9UL34, Q9Y2C0, Q9Y2C1, Q9Y6C3, Q9Y6C4, ENSG00000114026, ENST00000344629, ENSP00000342851, 251_at, 205760_s_at, 205301_s_at, 34147_g_at, 34146_at, 38334_g_at, 38335_at, 38333_at, AB000410_s_at, L41816_at, g8670533_3p_a_at, g4580415_3p_at, g8670531_3p_a_at, A_14_P200081, A_23_P344392, A_24_P414183, A_23_P207792, A_23_P212196, CCDS2576, CCDS2577, CCDS2579, CCDS2578, CCDS2580, CCDS2581, GE58739, U96710, Y11838, Y11731, AB000410, AF003595, U88527, U88620, Y13277, AF026691, AJ131341, AF088282, AB019528, AB019529, AB019530, AB019531, AB019532, AF521807, BC000657, AB037879, EntrezGene:4968, GI_8670537-A, GI_21396495-I, ILMN_15380, ILMN_17569, IPI00220179, IPI00220180, IPI00026574, IPI00303869, IPI00220178, IPI00007312, IPI00294126, IPI00025730, IPI00657683, IPI00477364, MIM:601982, MIM:144700, OTTHUMP00000122622, OTTHUMP00000122623, OTTHUMT00000214223, OTTHUMT00000214226, OTTHUMT00000214227, 1EBM, 1FN7, 1HU0, 1KO9, 1LWV, 1LWW, 1LWY, 1M3H, 1M3Q, 1N39, 1N3A, 1N3C, 1YQK, 1YQL, 1YQM, 1YQR, 2I5W, 2NOB, 2NOE, 2NOF, 2NOH, 2NOI, 2NOL, 2NOZ, AAB81132, CAA72536, CAA72414, BAA19103, AAB61340, AAB68614, AAB68615, CAA73726, AAB84013, CAA10351, AAD41680, AAD41681, AAD41682, BAA76635, BAA76636, BAA76637, BAA76638, BAA76639, AAM74236, AAH00657, BAB13294, NM_016821, NM_016826, NM_016828, NM_016827, NM_016820, NM_002542, NM_016829, NM_016819, NP_058214, NP_058434, NP_058437, NP_058436, NP_058213, NP_002533, NP_058438, NP_058212, OTTHUMT00000214222, OTTHUMT00000214224, Hs.380271, O15527, Q9HCR8, OGG1_HUMAN, Q9HCR8_HUMAN, O15527-4, O15527-5, O15527-7, O15527-6, O15527-3, O15527-8, O15527-2, IPR000445, IPR003265, IPR012904
Component ofDNA containing an hOGG1-bound apurinic/apyrimidinic site [nucleoplasm]
hOGG1 glycosylase: formamidopyrimidine complex [nucleoplasm]
hOGG1 glycosylase:8-oxo guanine complex [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

DNA Repair

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