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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: N-glycosylase/DNA lyase domain recommendedName: 8-oxoguanine DNA glycosylase ecNumber3.2.2.-/ecNumber /domain domain recommendedName: DNA-(apurinic or apyrimidinic site) lyase shortName:AP lyase ecNumber4.2.99.18/ecNumber /domain
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:4968
CTD Gene:4968
DOCK Blaster:1EBM
DOCK Blaster:1FN7
DOCK Blaster:1HU0
DOCK Blaster:1KO9
DOCK Blaster:1LWV
DOCK Blaster:1LWW
DOCK Blaster:1LWY
DOCK Blaster:1M3H
DOCK Blaster:1M3Q
DOCK Blaster:1N39
DOCK Blaster:1N3A
DOCK Blaster:1N3C
DOCK Blaster:1YQK
DOCK Blaster:1YQL
DOCK Blaster:1YQM
DOCK Blaster:1YQR
DOCK Blaster:2I5W
DOCK Blaster:2NOB
DOCK Blaster:2NOE
DOCK Blaster:2NOF
DOCK Blaster:2NOH
DOCK Blaster:2NOI
DOCK Blaster:2NOL
DOCK Blaster:2NOZ
KEGG Gene:4968
NCBI Gene:4968
Protein Data Bank:1EBM
Protein Data Bank:1FN7
Protein Data Bank:1HU0
Protein Data Bank:1KO9
Protein Data Bank:1LWV
Protein Data Bank:1LWW
Protein Data Bank:1LWY
Protein Data Bank:1M3H
Protein Data Bank:1M3Q
Protein Data Bank:1N39
Protein Data Bank:1N3A
Protein Data Bank:1N3C
Protein Data Bank:1YQK
Protein Data Bank:1YQL
Protein Data Bank:1YQM
Protein Data Bank:1YQR
Protein Data Bank:2I5W
Protein Data Bank:2NOB
Protein Data Bank:2NOE
Protein Data Bank:2NOF
Protein Data Bank:2NOH
Protein Data Bank:2NOI
Protein Data Bank:2NOL
Protein Data Bank:2NOZ
UCSC human:O15527
dbSNP Gene:4968
Other identifiers related to this sequenceOGG1_HUMAN, A8K1E3, O00390, O00670, O00705, O14876, O95488, P78554, Q9BW42, Q9UIK0, Q9UIK1, Q9UIK2, Q9UL34, Q9Y2C0, Q9Y2C1, Q9Y6C3, Q9Y6C4, 11727607_a_at, XM_005265185, 2609916, AAM74236, CAA72536, 2NOL, AB000410_s_at, HQ205529, HQ205521, HQ205513, AB019528, HQ205526, ADQ20381, PF00730, Hs.380271, HQ205514, HQ205511, BAA19103, 1YQL, uc003bsj.3, ADQ20262, HQ205533, ADQ20206, 2609910, HQ205543, 4968, UPI000002B01A, ADQ20269, IPR003265, HQ205531, 2NOE, 2I5W, HPA027514, 2NOB, ADQ20199, HQ205528, 1M3H, HQ205537, Y11731, ADQ20332, 1LWY, EntrezGene:102723386, ADQ20353, 8077635, AB019530, ADQ20178, BAF82547, SM00478, Y11838, AB019529, 3IH7, HQ205545, 2NOH, AB019532, AAB81132, AK289858, ADQ20227, HQ205522, 3KTU, ADQ20367, PF07934, Hs.681739, CAA73726, MIM:144700, MIM:601982, HQ205516, HQ205539, ADQ20304, NP_058213, HQ205535, 2609913, 2NOZ, 34147_g_at, HQ205540, ADQ20143, HQ205506, ADQ20276, 2609914, AF003595, 2NOF, ILMN_2352609, A_24_P414183, 1LWV, CH471055, AC022382, HQ205509, HGNC:8125, AF026691, ADQ20374, NM_016821, ADQ20129, BC000657, BAA76639, 9207108, ADQ20283, 2609924, AAD41681, IPR004577, ADQ20395, A_23_P344392, BAA76635, HQ205532, NM_016820, 1YQM, 2609920, HQ205530, 102723386, 1FN7, 1KO9, U88527, 1HU0, 2609925, 1YQK, ADQ20388, AJ131341, OGG1-003, HQ205510, HQ205515, Y13277, 38334_g_at, ADQ20346, HQ205534, OTTHUMP00000122620, Hs.736214, 1YQR, EntrezGene:4968, ADQ20339, AAH00657, BAA76637, U88620, IPR012904, ADQ20360, HQ205527, 10449904, 2609917, ADQ20150, 11727608_x_at, CCDS2580, AB000410, 1N3A, 1M3Q, ADQ20122, CAA72414, ADQ20318, 2NOI, PH_hs_0024314, ADQ20171, ADQ20297, ADQ20136, 2609923, AAB61340, 11727696_x_at, HQ205536, ADQ20220, 2609907, U96710, HQ205544, ADQ20192, GE58739, ILMN_1706652, ADQ20157, HQ205520, BAA76636, 1N39, 2609908, HQ205523, 1EBM, 2609918, BAA76638, AF521807, HQ205542, AAB68615, OGG1, AB019531, XP_005265242, HQ205541, E5KPN0, 1N3C, HQ205517, Hs.434875, 0004810403, 205301_s_at, ENSG00000114026, g8670531_3p_a_at, ADQ20325, ADQ20290, 38333_at, ENSP00000305584, HQ205518, 2609909, CAA10351, 2XHI, ADQ20185, HQ205508, AAB84013, HQ205507, IPR011257, 16937329, ADQ20311, ADQ20241, 1LWW, CAB047301, AAD41682, LOC102723386, HQ205538, EAW63981, ADQ20234, AAB68614, AAD41680, AF088282, ADQ20228, ADQ20389, NP_002533, ADQ20298, ADQ20151, uc003bsi.3, ADQ20277, ADQ20186, ADQ20172, ADQ20200, ADQ20207, EAW63983, ADQ20193, ADQ20347, OGG1-002, ADQ20235, ADQ20270, ADQ20361, ADQ20158, ADQ20305, ADQ20382, UPI0000130C46, ADQ20179, OTTHUMP00000122619, ADQ20326, ADQ20137, ADQ20319, ADQ20312, ADQ20221, NM_002542, ADQ20130, ADQ20291, ADQ20333, E5KPN1, CCDS2581, ADQ20368, ADQ20354, ADQ20263, ADQ20144, ENSP00000342851, ADQ20284, ADQ20340, ADQ20396, ADQ20375, ADQ20242, ADQ20123, ADQ20334, ADQ20355, ADQ20173, EAW63978, ADQ20187, ADQ20243, 34146_at, ADQ20369, ADQ20285, ADQ20348, ENSP00000306561, OTTHUMP00000122618, 2609931, NP_058214, ADQ20131, 11740749_a_at, ADQ20145, ADQ20264, PH_hs_0044547, ADQ20159, A_14_P200082, 2609929, 38335_at, ADQ20292, ADQ20229, ADQ20152, ADQ20250, ADQ20236, ADQ20201, HQ205519, ADQ20278, UPI000002B01B, ADQ20124, HQ205512, CCDS2576, uc003bsm.3, HQ205525, ADQ20166, ADQ20222, ADQ20313, OGG1-001, ADQ20390, ADQ20208, ADQ20362, ADQ20117, 2609930, ADQ20257, ADQ20180, HQ205524, ADQ20306, ADQ20215, 205760_s_at, ADQ20138, ADQ20341, ADQ20271, ADQ20194, g8670533_3p_a_at, A_23_P212196, E5KPM5, ADQ20383, ADQ20320, ADQ20376, ADQ20327, ADQ20299, 2609921, uc003bsh.3, CCDS43046, NM_016819, 0002060524, ENSP00000345520, ILMN_1808340, 2609922, OTTHUMP00000207398, UPI000002B019, OGG1-007, NP_058212, ADQ20198, ADQ20296, ADQ20219, ADQ20135, ADQ20275, ADQ20212, CCDS46742, ADQ20149, ADQ20366, ADQ20289, ADQ20184, ADQ20170, ADQ20226, ADQ20331, NP_058438, ADQ20338, ADQ20324, E5KPM9, ADQ20191, ADQ20233, ADQ20387, ADQ20380, EAW63985, ADQ20240, ADQ20345, ADQ20254, ADQ20156, OGG1-008, ADQ20359, uc003bsk.3, UPI000002B01F, ADQ20177, OTTHUMP00000207399, ENSP00000403598, ADQ20352, ADQ20247, ADQ20142, ADQ20317, ADQ20310, ADQ20163, ADQ20373, ADQ20121, ADQ20394, ADQ20303, ADQ20282, ADQ20261, 2609927, NM_016829, ADQ20205, ADQ20268, ADQ20128, ADQ20161, ADQ20343, ADQ20140, ADQ20126, ADQ20224, ENSP00000305527, ADQ20175, OTTHUMP00000122623, ADQ20245, ADQ20266, ADQ20210, ADQ20371, ADQ20154, ADQ20203, ADQ20350, ADQ20336, ADQ20322, ADQ20231, ADQ20357, ADQ20287, ADQ20147, ADQ20252, uc003bsl.3, ADQ20329, OGG1-006, 2609926, ADQ20182, ADQ20392, E5KPM7, UPI000013E77E, ADQ20308, NP_058437, ADQ20280, ADQ20273, ADQ20301, ADQ20238, NM_016828, CCDS2579, EAW63987, ADQ20259, ADQ20168, ADQ20385, ADQ20119, ADQ20378, ADQ20364, ADQ20217, ADQ20294, ADQ20196, ADQ20315, ADQ20189, ADQ20133, ADQ20127, ADQ20246, ADQ20155, NP_058436, ADQ20281, ADQ20274, ADQ20302, ADQ20253, NM_016827, ADQ20393, ADQ20218, ADQ20379, ENSP00000373337, ADQ20316, ADQ20309, E5KPM8, ADQ20372, ADQ20295, ADQ20120, ADQ20134, ADQ20330, ADQ20169, ADQ20365, ADQ20190, uc003bso.3, ADQ20386, ADQ20176, ADQ20162, ADQ20288, CCDS2578, ADQ20148, ADQ20204, ADQ20211, ADQ20260, EAW63982, ADQ20267, OGG1-005, ADQ20141, UPI000002B01D, ADQ20197, ADQ20351, ADQ20239, ADQ20183, ADQ20225, ADQ20337, ADQ20344, ADQ20358, ADQ20323, ADQ20232, OTTHUMP00000122622, ADQ20209, ADQ20230, ADQ20307, E5KPM6, ADQ20167, ADQ20195, ADQ20216, NM_016826, uc003bsn.3, ADQ20118, CCDS2577, ADQ20272, ADQ20237, ADQ20279, ADQ20363, ADQ20181, ADQ20146, ADQ20342, OGG1-201, ADQ20328, ADQ20223, EAW63988, ADQ20384, ADQ20314, ADQ20349, UPI000002B01C, ADQ20377, ADQ20174, ADQ20244, ADQ20125, ADQ20139, ADQ20370, ADQ20188, ADQ20153, ADQ20258, ADQ20293, ADQ20132, ADQ20321, ENSP00000303132, ADQ20356, ADQ20335, ADQ20202, ADQ20251, ADQ20300, NP_058434, ADQ20391, ADQ20286, ADQ20265, ADQ20160
Component ofDNA containing an hOGG1-bound apurinic/apyrimidinic site [nucleoplasm]
hOGG1 glycosylase: formamidopyrimidine complex [nucleoplasm]
hOGG1 glycosylase:8-oxo guanine complex [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

DNA Repair

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