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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Protein PML alternativeName: Promyelocytic leukemia protein alternativeName: RING finger protein 71 alternativeName: Tripartite motif-containing protein 19
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:5371
CTD Gene:5371
DOCK Blaster:1BOR
KEGG Gene:5371
NCBI Gene:5371
Protein Data Bank:1BOR
UCSC human:P29590
dbSNP Gene:5371
Other identifiers related to this sequencePML_HUMAN, E9PBR7, P29591, P29592, P29593, Q00755, Q15959, Q59FP9, Q8WUA0, Q96S41, Q9BPW2, Q9BWP7, Q9BZX6, Q9BZX7, Q9BZX8, Q9BZX9, Q9BZY0, Q9BZY2, Q9BZY3, ENSG00000140464, ENST00000268058, ENSP00000268058, 566_at, 567_s_at, 206503_x_at, 210362_x_at, 211588_s_at, 211013_x_at, 239582_at, 211012_s_at, 211014_s_at, 38787_at, 38788_at, M79462_at, M79463_s_at, g12275906_3p_s_at, g190116_3p_at, Hs.258217.0.A1_3p_at, g12275908_3p_s_at, A_14_P130961, A_24_P207139, A_24_P198598, A_23_P334664, A_23_P306148, A_24_P133542, A_23_P205961, A_23_P358944, CCDS10255, CCDS10256, CCDS10257, CCDS10258, GE515151, GE58085, S51489, AF230406, S68527, M79462, M79463, M79464, X63131, M73778, M80185, AF230401, X64800, AB067754, AF230405, AB209051, AF230408, AF230410, AF370432, AF230402, AF230403, BC000080, BC020994, BT009911, AF230407, AF230409, EntrezGene:5371, EntrezGene:652671, GI_15451776-A, GI_15451762-I, ILMN_20219, ILMN_5780, ILMN_137695, ILMN_41350, IPI00022348, IPI00220453, IPI00337754, IPI00395893, IPI00303999, IPI00304000, IPI00332110, IPI00742236, IPI00291097, IPI00395707, MIM:102578, 1BOR, AAD13865, AAG50185, AAB29490, AAA60388, AAA60351, AAA60390, CAA44841, AAA60125, AAA60352, AAG50180, CAA46026, BAB62809, AAG50184, BAD92288, AAG50187, AAG50189, AAQ15268, AAG50181, AAG50182, AAH00080, AAH20994, AAP88913, AAG50186, AAG50188, NM_033238, NM_002675, NM_033247, NM_033239, NM_033244, NM_033240, NM_033250, NM_033246, XM_942248, NP_002666, NP_150241, NP_150247, NP_150250, NP_150242, NP_150243, NP_150253, NP_150249, XP_947341, OTTHUMT00000269021, OTTHUMT00000269038, OTTHUMT00000269039, OTTHUMT00000269040, Hs.526464, Hs.605368, Q05835, Q9BZX9, Q9UE85, P29590, Q9BZY0, Q59GQ8, Q9BZX8, Q9BZX7, Q71RA7, Q9BZY3, Q9BZY2, Q9BWP7, Q9BPW2, Q05835_HUMAN, Q9BZX9_HUMAN, Q9UE85_HUMAN, PML_HUMAN, Q9BZY0_HUMAN, Q59GQ8_HUMAN, Q9BZX8_HUMAN, Q9BZX7_HUMAN, Q71RA7_HUMAN, Q9BZY3_HUMAN, Q9BZY2_HUMAN, Q9BWP7_HUMAN, Q9BPW2_HUMAN, P29590-5, P29590-4, P29590-2, P29590-3, IPR001841, IPR000315, IPR000694
Molecules with this sequencePML [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdORRHHGURRPD
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Immune System

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