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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: POU domain, class 2, transcription factor 1 alternativeName: NF-A1 alternativeName: Octamer-binding protein 1 shortName:Oct-1 alternativeName: Octamer-binding transcription factor 1 shortName:OTF-1
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:5451
CTD Gene:5451
DOCK Blaster:1CQT
DOCK Blaster:1E3O
DOCK Blaster:1GT0
DOCK Blaster:1O4X
DOCK Blaster:1OCT
DOCK Blaster:1POG
DOCK Blaster:1POU
KEGG Gene:5451
NCBI Gene:5451
Protein Data Bank:1CQT
Protein Data Bank:1E3O
Protein Data Bank:1GT0
Protein Data Bank:1O4X
Protein Data Bank:1OCT
Protein Data Bank:1POG
Protein Data Bank:1POU
UCSC human:P14859
dbSNP Gene:5451
Other identifiers related to this sequencePO2F1_HUMAN, B1AL91, B1AL93, B4E029, J3KP77, Q5TBT7, Q6PK46, Q8NEU9, Q9BPV1, 229753_at, Hs.283402, 11726775_a_at, uc010plh.2, 227254_at, 244006_at, X13403, OCT-1B, Hs.283402.0.A1_3p_at, g4505956_3p_a_at, IPR001356, CCDS55655, BAG64291, 2365724, 2365792, SM00352, 1O4X, 1171_s_at, SM00389, 1887216, BC052274, CAI15167, 1POU, Hs.599861, 44021_at, PH_hs_0014636, NM_001198786, HPA045784, ILMN_1864422, POU2F1, GE59710, 206789_s_at, EAW90788, A_32_P142077, Hs.183643.0.A1_3p_at, CAB002608, BC003571, HGNC:9212, 0000580270, 2365756, 2365729, IPR000972, Hs.617075, 1OCT, CAI15170, 2365725, 2365676, NP_001185715, CH471067, PR00029, PH_hs_0025950, CAA31767, AAM77920, 43305_at, PF00046, 3762825, 40896_at, 2365759, 2365787, A_14_P101718, AL451050, GE88653, 11749953_a_at, ENSG00000143190, 2365761, 47955_at, PF00157, 16673359, 2365744, 2365791, Hs.128848.0.A1_3p_at, POU2F1-010, NM_002697, GE494142, A_14_P133409, 2365803, 2365749, MIM:164175, IPR013847, 2365733, AK303201, 74368_at, 2365799, PR00028, AAH07388, 5451, AL136984, IPR010982, UPI00017A8386, EAW90786, 2365794, 2365789, 2365751, IPR009057, 2365746, 2365726, 2365796, 2365712, ILMN_1794333, BC007388, AAH01664, 7907058, OTTHUMP00000247264, 2365801, 1HF0, 1CQT, IPR000327, CAI15169, BC001664, CAI15171, 2365797, AAH52274, 2365760, 0101980133, EntrezGene:5451, 2365750, ENSP00000401217, 2365740, AAH03571, GE837992, 1POG, 1E3O, 2365745, 1GT0, 2365743, AL359962, GE768589, AY113189, 2365758, A_24_P927182, OTTHUMP00000275918, POU2F1-017, ENSP00000441285, 2365727, 2365702, 2365728, uc001gec.3, UPI0000131D73, CCDS55656, uc001gef.3, A_14_P129359, 2365709, NP_001185712, POU2F1-003, OTTHUMP00000032349, UPI000002B15B, ENSP00000356836, 2365708, 2365710, NM_001198783, OTTHUMP00000275373, ENSP00000414660, POU2F1-014, 2365757, UPI0000227D8E, OTTHUMP00000032351, POU2F1-005, ENSP00000415993, uc001geg.3
Molecules with this sequencePOU2F1 [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdORHPGPPPPPPPURDDDDDDD
Component ofRNA Polymerase III:TFIIIB:SNAPc:Type 3 Open Promoter Complex [nucleoplasm]
RNA Polymerase III:TFIIIB:SNAPc:Type 3 Promoter Complex [nucleoplasm]
SNAPc:Oct-1:Staf:Type 3 Promoter Complex [nucleoplasm]
TFIIIB:SNAPc:Oct-1:Staf:Type 3 Promoter Complex [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

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