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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: UV excision repair protein RAD23 homolog B shortName:HR23B shortName:hHR23B alternativeName: XP-C repair-complementing complex 58 kDa protein shortName:p58
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:5887
CTD Gene:5887
DOCK Blaster:1P1A
DOCK Blaster:1PVE
DOCK Blaster:1UEL
KEGG Gene:5887
NCBI Gene:5887
Protein Data Bank:1P1A
Protein Data Bank:1PVE
Protein Data Bank:1UEL
UCSC human:P54727
dbSNP Gene:5887
Other identifiers related to this sequenceRD23B_HUMAN, B3KWK8, G5E9P0, Q7Z5K8, Q8WUB0, EAW59017, RAD23B-001, CAD13275, EAW59016, 2613185, 11745264_a_at, AAP81008, 3183762, PH_hs_0031911, PH_hs_0022747, SM00165, 3183768, 0001400014, IPR029071, ILMN_1807530, g4506386_3p_a_at, 1PVE, g9799079_3p_at, 3183766, IPR000449, 3183761, PF00240, 5887, HGNC:9813, AAN47194, ENSG00000119318, AK125226, PR01839, ILMN_1722662, CAB033868, 3183792, 3183765, HPA029719, 3183795, A_23_P255273, IPR000626, 8168482, Hs.521640, IPR009060, CH471105, 3183806, A_19_P00811441, HPA029720, A_24_P406664, PF09280, NM_002874, 3183800, BAA04652, PF00627, EntrezGene:5887, IPR015940, NP_002865, AL137852, AAH20973, 3183803, 3183805, NP_001231642, 11731506_a_at, 201223_s_at, 11745206_x_at, 3183787, HPA029718, IPR004806, BC020973, ENSP00000350708, PF11976, AY165178, 3183799, SM00213, 11758199_s_at, 2613190, OTTHUMP00000021857, IPR006636, 3183798, 201222_s_at, 3183767, 1P1A, RAD23B, SM00727, A_14_P120295, IPR022617, uc004bde.3, D21090_at, 3183764, BAG54170, 3183796, A_33_P3312039, D21090, 3183797, 3183763, 11754276_a_at, 7851894, 3183791, 1874_at, 3183784, Hs.709942, GE57109, AY313777, NM_001244713, 1UEL, A_24_P398092, Hs.178658.0.S1_3p_a_at, 8157125, 223598_at, Q5W0S5, 3183804, 3183802, MIM:600062, IPR015360, 3183801, UPI0000132F6C, CCDS6769, 17087933, RAD23B-201, 3183769, 81704_at, uc022blj.1, NP_001231653, CCDS59138, 3183770, ENSP00000405623, 3183771, UPI0000EE5FDF, NM_001244724, A_14_P120778
Molecules with this sequenceRAD23B [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdORHPGPPPURDDD
Component ofIncision complex with 3'-incised damaged DNA [nucleoplasm]
incision complex for GG-NER [nucleoplasm]
pre-incision complex in GG-NER [nucleoplasm]
pre-incision complex with open DNA bubble [nucleoplasm]
XPC:HR23B complex [nucleoplasm]
XPC:HR23B:damaged DNA complex [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

DNA Repair

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