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SpeciesMus musculus
DescriptionrecommendedName: Mothers against decapentaplegic homolog 3 shortName:MAD homolog 3 shortName:Mad3 shortName:Mothers against DPP homolog 3 shortName:mMad3 alternativeName: SMAD family member 3 shortName:SMAD 3 shortName:Smad3
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:17127
CTD Gene:17127
NCBI Gene:17127
dbSNP Gene:17127
Other identifiers related to this sequenceSMAD3_MOUSE, O09064, O09144, O14510, O35273, Q8BX84, Q92940, Q93002, Q9GKR4, IPR008984, XM_006510820, 17127, 5305645, Mm.415653, 93613_at, 4902713, C630019N20, 5602305, AF016189, 4552626, 5504918, BAA76956, AC158515, BC066850, Q3V3E0, CT010509, IPR013019, Smad3-001, BAE20601, SM00523, C130089L07, ILMN_2772582, ENSMUSP00000034973, XP_006510882, XP_006510884, 4669844, A_51_P441022, 5103926, IPR019471, 5303592, 4680701, NP_058049, OTTMUSP00000023917, PF10401, IPR001132, CCDS23272, SMAD3, ILMN_2938893, EntrezGene:17127, 4594059, 4895408, mMC010715, A2CG45, XM_006510821, 1454960_at, A_55_P2101001, NM_016769, 5059743, 4550346, 112401_at, 5377259, AF016189_at, AAH66850, AK048626, 1450472_s_at, GE37043, ENSMUSG00000032402, A_52_P352277, 5192794, AB008192, UPI0000023A91, PF03166, 5100353, SM00524, 4426861, 10594404, Mm.7320, 4744028, PF03165, MGI:1201674, AK041743, uc009qbi.1, A630033P22, BAC33398, 5173715, BAC38789, 1450471_at, AAB81755, IPR003619, 5552183, Smad3, XP_006510883, AK083158
Molecules with this sequencephospho-Smad3 [nucleoplasm] UENBCdRHPR
SMAD3 [cytosol] UENBCdRHPR
phospho-p-S423,S425-SMAD3 [cytosol] UENBCdRHPR
phospho-p-S423,S425-SMAD3 [nucleoplasm] UENBCdRHPR
SMAD3 [nucleoplasm] UENBCdRHPR
phospho-p-T179,S423,S425-SMAD3 [nucleoplasm] UENBCdRHPR
phospho-2xADPRib-p-S423,S425-SMAD3 [nucleoplasm] UENBCdRHPR
SMAD3 S425C [cytosol] UENBCdRHPR
phospho-p-S423,S425-SMAD3 D258N [cytosol] UENBCdRHPR
phospho-p-S423,S425-SMAD3 R268C [cytosol] UENBCdRHPR
SMAD3 D258N [cytosol] UENBCdRHPR
SMAD3 R268C [cytosol] UENBCdRHPR
Component ofSMAD3:STUB1 (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [cytosol]
Ub-SMAD3 (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [cytosol]
Smad2,3:Smad4:FoxH1:Activin Response Element [nucleoplasm]
TGFB1:p-TGFBR:ZFYVE9:SMAD2/3 (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [early endosome membrane]
SMAD2/3:PMEPA1 (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [plasma membrane]
p-2S-SMAD2/3:SMAD4 (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [cytosol]
TGFB1:p-TGFBR:ZFYVE9:p-2S-SMAD2/3 (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [early endosome membrane]
p-2S-SMAD2/3:PMEPA1 (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [early endosome membrane]
p-2S-SMAD2/3:MTMR4 (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [early endosome membrane]
p-2S-SMAD2/3:SMAD4 (name copied from entity in Homo sapiens) [nucleoplasm]
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Represented by generalisation(s)phospho-Smad2,3 [nucleoplasm]
SMAD2/3 [cytosol]
p-2S-SMAD2/3 [cytosol]
p-2S-SMAD2/3 [nucleoplasm]
SMAD2/3 [nucleoplasm]
p-T,2S-SMAD2/3 [nucleoplasm]
p-2S-SMAD2/PAR-2S-SMAD3 [nucleoplasm]
SMAD3 Phosphorylation Motif Mutants [cytosol]
p-2S-SMAD3 MH2 Domain Mutants [cytosol]
SMAD3 MH2 Domain Mutants [cytosol]
SMAD2/3 Phosphorylation Motif Mutants [cytosol]
p-2S-SMAD2/3 MH2 Domain Mutants [cytosol]
SMAD2/3 MH2 Domain Mutants [cytosol]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved


Signal Transduction

Gene Expression

Developmental Biology

Modifications in molecules with this sequenceO-phospho-L-serine at 423
O-phospho-L-serine at 425
O-phospho-L-threonine at 179 (in Homo sapiens)
L-glutamyl-5-poly(ADP-ribose) at 50 (in Homo sapiens)
L-glutamyl-5-poly(ADP-ribose) at 52 (in Homo sapiens)
L-serine residue 425 replaced with L-cysteine (in Homo sapiens)
L-aspartic acid residue 258 replaced with L-asparagine (in Homo sapiens)
L-arginine residue 268 replaced with L-cysteine (in Homo sapiens)
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