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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Somatotropin alternativeName: Growth hormone shortName:GH shortName:GH-N alternativeName: Growth hormone 1 alternativeName: Pituitary growth hormone
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:2688
CTD Gene:2688
DOCK Blaster:1A22
DOCK Blaster:1AXI
DOCK Blaster:1BP3
DOCK Blaster:1HGU
DOCK Blaster:1HUW
DOCK Blaster:1HWG
DOCK Blaster:1HWH
DOCK Blaster:3HHR
KEGG Gene:2688
NCBI Gene:2688
Protein Data Bank:1A22
Protein Data Bank:1AXI
Protein Data Bank:1BP3
Protein Data Bank:1HGU
Protein Data Bank:1HUW
Protein Data Bank:1HWG
Protein Data Bank:1HWH
Protein Data Bank:3HHR
UCSC human:P01241
dbSNP Gene:2688
Other identifiers related to this sequenceSOMA_HUMAN, A6NEF6, Q14405, Q16631, Q5EB53, Q9HBZ1, Q9UMJ7, Q9UNL5, 3766519, 1332_f_at, 3766520, AAA52554, NM_000515, BC062475, M14398, AC127029, BC075012, 3766528, M13438, 3766515, GE57462, 16847711, 208068_x_at, 3766461, 208069_x_at, 11726973_x_at, 208068_3p_x_at, GE906903, g2459881_3p_s_at, 3766513, MIM:173100, J00148_cds2_f_at, AAD48584, V00520, 205840_3p_x_at, 3766479, PF00103, g12545375_3p_s_at, g12408690_3p_s_at, g12545371_3p_s_at, IPR001400, BC090045, EAW94233, CAA23778, 3766525, BC075013, EU421712, 3766473, 2688, AAH90045, UPI000013D016, MIM:612781, 1HWG, g12408693_3p_s_at, 211151_3p_x_at, ENSP00000343791, g12545377_3p_s_at, 206885_3p_x_at, AAH75012, MIM:139250, 206886_x_at, ENSG00000259384, 8180304, ABZ88713, g12408684_3p_s_at, 3766478, 205840_x_at, g13027811_3p_s_at, g12408686_3p_s_at, PR00836, 3766518, NP_072054, MIM:262650, CAB025646, OTTHUMP00000260616, MIM:262400, g13027815_3p_x_at, 1HGU, 8017505, 1HWH, 1A22, J03071, CD106566, 11715337_s_at, g13027811_3p_x_at, 3766466, 1AXI, 11715987_a_at, AAH75013, AF185611, g13027817_3p_s_at, 1KF9, HPA043715, 3766516, AAG09699, g13543525_3p_s_at, 1HUW, g12408695_3p_s_at, 3766487, g13027815_3p_s_at, g9963798_3p_x_at, g13027813_3p_s_at, 206885_x_at, 3766496, A_23_P207194, AAA98618, g13027819_3p_s_at, IPR009079, 3HHR, 3766514, 6306568, g12545380_3p_s_at, g9963798_3p_s_at, GH1-004, AAH62475, AAA52549, g12545373_3p_s_at, GH1, g13027817_3p_x_at, uc002jdk.3, CH471109, ILMN_2328874, AF110644, g13027813_3p_x_at, CCDS11654, CAA23779, 3766526, 211151_x_at, g12408691_3p_s_at, 3766469, EntrezGene:2688, g12408688_3p_s_at, V00519, 1BP3, NM_022560, 206886_3p_x_at, HGNC:4261, 208069_3p_x_at, g12408683_3p_s_at, 3766517, EAW94261, UPI000002B3F0, uc002jdi.3, CCDS45760, OTTHUMP00000248031, 3766522, B1A4G7, NP_072053, ENSP00000408486, ABZ88712, GH1-003, NM_022559, B1A4G6, CCDS11653, NP_000506, uc002jdj.3, EAW94251, ABZ88711, OTTHUMP00000248032, GH1-001, ENSP00000312673, UPI000002B7EE, 3766523
Molecules with this sequenceGH1 [extracellular region] UKENBCdOOOOOORHPGPPPPPPPPURDDDDDDDD
Component ofGrowth Hormone: Growth Hormone Receptor-JAK2 dimer [plasma membrane]
Growth Hormone: Activated Growth Hormone Receptor-JAK2 dimer [plasma membrane]
Growth Hormone: Activated Growth Hormone Receptor- p(Y1007)-JAK2 dimer [plasma membrane]
Growth Hormone: Tyrosine phosphorylated Growth Hormone Receptor-p(Y1007)-JAK2 dimer [plasma membrane]
Growth Hormone: Tyrosine phosphorylated Growth Hormone Receptor-JAK2 dimer [plasma membrane]
Growth Hormone:p(Y332,487,627)-Growth Hormone Receptor-p(Y1007)-JAK2 dimer [plasma membrane]
GHBP:GH [extracellular region]
Growth hormone oligomer [extracellular region]
Growth Hormone:Growth Hormone Receptor-JAK2 dimer:LYN [plasma membrane]
Growth Hormone: Activated Growth Hormone Receptor:p(Y1007)-JAK2 dimer:STAT1/STAT3 [plasma membrane]
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Represented by generalisation(s)Growth Hormone [extracellular region]
Prolactin receptor ligands [extracellular region]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Signal Transduction

Immune System

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