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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Spectrin beta chain, non-erythrocytic 4 alternativeName: Beta-IV spectrin alternativeName: Spectrin, non-erythroid beta chain 3
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:57731
CTD Gene:57731
KEGG Gene:57731
NCBI Gene:57731
UCSC human:Q9H254
dbSNP Gene:57731
Other identifiers related to this sequenceSPTN4_HUMAN, E9PGQ5, Q9H1K7, Q9H1K8, Q9H1K9, Q9H253, Q9H3G8, Q9HCD0, ENSG00000160460, ENST00000352632, ENSP00000263373, 220185_at, 224297_s_at, 224145_s_at, 224551_s_at, 224144_at, 52459_at, g13435160_3p_at, 224297_3p_s_at, g11602886_3p_s_at, g11602889_3p_x_at, g11602889_3p_at, g11992163_3p_at, A_14_P125777, A_14_P117340, A_24_P293114, A_24_P238420, A_23_P256652, CCDS12559, GE83128, AF324063, AF324064, AF311855, AF082075, AY004226, AY004227, AB046862, AL133093, AF311856, EntrezGene:57731, GI_13435160-A, ILMN_11937, IPI00018829, IPI00217047, IPI00217048, IPI00217044, MIM:606214, AAQ14860, AAQ14859, AAG42473, AAG38874, AAF93171, AAF93172, AAF93173, BAB13468, CAB61407, AAG42474, NM_020971, NM_025213, NP_066022, NP_079489, Hs.32706, Hs.595840, Q71S07, Q71S06, Q9H254, Q9UFA1, Q9H253, Q71S07_HUMAN, Q71S06_HUMAN, SPTN4_HUMAN, Q9UFA1_HUMAN, Q9H253_HUMAN, Q9H254-4, Q9H254-2, Q9H254-3, IPR001589, IPR001605, IPR001715, IPR001849, IPR002017, IPR000694
Molecules with this sequenceSPTBN4 [cytosol] UKENBCdORHGUR
Component ofSpectrin heterodimer [cytosol]
NCAM1 complexed with pFyn-Y420 [plasma membrane]
Fyn:NCAM1:RPTP-alpha [plasma membrane]
spectrin based actin [cytosol]
NCAM:Fyn:RPTP-alpha:Spectrin [plasma membrane]
NCAM:pFyn(420):RPTPalpha:spectrin [plasma membrane]
pFAK (391) bound to NCAM1:pFyn [plasma membrane]
Multiple phosphorylated FAK bound to NCAM:pFyn [plasma membrane]
Grb2:Sos:pFAK bound to NCAM1:pFyn [plasma membrane]
Grb2:pFAK bound to NCAM1:pFyn [plasma membrane]
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Represented by generalisation(s)Spectrin beta chain [cytosol]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Dephosphorylation of NCAM1 bound pFyn [Homo sapiens]

Autophosphorylation of NCAM1 bound Fyn [Mus musculus]

Developmental Biology

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