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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: C-C motif chemokine 2 alternativeName: HC11 alternativeName: Monocyte chemoattractant protein 1 alternativeName: Monocyte chemotactic and activating factor shortName:MCAF alternativeName: Monocyte chemotactic protein 1 shortName:MCP-1 alternativeName: Monocyte secretory protein JE alternativeName: Small-inducible cytokine A2
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:6347
CTD Gene:6347
DOCK Blaster:1DOK
DOCK Blaster:1DOL
DOCK Blaster:1DOM
DOCK Blaster:1DON
DOCK Blaster:1MCA
DOCK Blaster:1ML0
DOCK Blaster:2BDN
KEGG Gene:6347
NCBI Gene:6347
Protein Data Bank:1DOK
Protein Data Bank:1DOL
Protein Data Bank:1DOM
Protein Data Bank:1DON
Protein Data Bank:1MCA
Protein Data Bank:1ML0
Protein Data Bank:2BDN
UCSC human:P13500
dbSNP Gene:6347
Other identifiers related to this sequenceCCL2_HUMAN, B2R4V3, Q9UDF3, M37719, M31626, Hs.303649.1.S1_3p_s_at, D26087, 6347, 3718170, BAA05080, M28224, ENSG00000108691, AF519531, CH471147, AK311960, M28225, PH_hs_0015664, 3718176, S71513, 3718173, Y18933, M28223, A_23_P89431, 11716384_at, CCL2, AAH09716, Hs.303649.1.S1_3p_a_at, CAA32876, ENSP00000225831, M30816, 1DOM, AAP35993, AAA36330, 1DON, UPI0000000DC9, 3IFD, M24545, BAG34900, 3718175, MIM:607948, 1DOL, PH_hs_0035772, HGNC:10618, 1MCA, AAA18164, AAB20651, 16833204, AAB29926, CAA01352, 216598_3p_s_at, HPA019163, 8006433, 1ML0, AAA18102, S69738, Hs.303649.1.S1_3p_x_at, Q6UZ82, MCP1, 0005860408, NM_002982, IPR001811, PF00048, BT007329, EntrezGene:6347, 875_g_at, X14768, 34375_at, AAQ75526, A17786, NP_002973, 1DOK, SM00199, uc002hhy.3, AAA60308, CAB013676, 2BDN, 2004761, Hs.595481, MIM:158105, AAM54046, BC009716, 216598_s_at, AAA60309, AY357296, CCL2-001, 2NZ1, M28226, M31625, CCDS11277, CAC14049, ILMN_1720048, OTTHUMP00000163799, 3718169, EAW80212, 4DN4
Molecules with this sequenceCCL2 [extracellular region] UKENBCdORHPGPPPPPPPURDDDDDDD
Component ofCCBP2:CCBP2 ligands [plasma membrane]
Represented by generalisation(s)CCBP2 ligands [extracellular region]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Metabolism of proteins

Signal Transduction

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