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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 10B alternativeName: Death receptor 5 alternativeName: TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand receptor 2 shortName:TRAIL receptor 2 shortName:TRAIL-R2 cdAntigenNameCD262/cdAntigenName
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:8795
CTD Gene:8795
DOCK Blaster:1D0G
DOCK Blaster:1D4V
DOCK Blaster:1DU3
DOCK Blaster:1ZA3
KEGG Gene:8795
NCBI Gene:8795
Protein Data Bank:1D0G
Protein Data Bank:1D4V
Protein Data Bank:1DU3
Protein Data Bank:1ZA3
UCSC human:O14763
dbSNP Gene:8795
Other identifiers related to this sequenceTR10B_HUMAN, O14720, O15508, O15517, O15531, Q6UXM8, Q7Z360, Q9BVE0, ENSG00000120889, ENST00000276431, ENSP00000276431, 209295_at, 210405_x_at, 209294_x_at, 209441_at, 36540_at, 34892_at, g12667515_3p_at, g2529562_3p_at, g12654874_3p_a_at, g12654874_3p_s_at, Hs2.62113.2.S1_3p_s_at, g12667515_3p_x_at, A_14_P129251, A_14_P122171, A_24_P218265, A_23_P169030, A_32_P379578, A_32_P448264, CCDS6036, CCDS6035, GE471406, GE54131, GE597966, GE746782, AB054004, AY358277, BX538104, BX537617, BX538179, EF064712, CR541898, AF016849, AF018657, AF018658, AF016266, AF022386, AF012628, AF020501, AF016268, AF012535, AB014718, AF153687, AF192548, BC001281, EntrezGene:8795, GI_22547118-A, GI_22547115-I, ILMN_5337, IPI00296380, IPI00384873, IPI00296379, MIM:603612, MIM:275355, OTTHUMP00000123492, OTTHUMT00000215099, 1D0G, 1D4V, 1DU3, 1ZA3, BAB39708, AAQ88644, CAD98017, CAD97801, CAD98053, ABK41895, CAG46696, AAC51778, AAB70577, AAB70578, AAB81180, AAB71949, AAB67109, AAB71412, AAC01565, AAB67103, BAA33723, AAF75587, AAF07175, AAH01281, NM_147187, NM_003842, NP_671716, NP_003833, OTTHUMT00000215100, Hs.619052, Hs.635647, Hs.521456, Q9BY82, Q6UXM8, Q7Z360, Q7Z2I8, Q6FH58, O14763, Q9BY82_HUMAN, Q6UXM8_HUMAN, Q7Z360_HUMAN, Q7Z2I8_HUMAN, Q6FH58_HUMAN, TR10B_HUMAN, O14763-2, IPR001368, IPR000480, IPR008063, IPR000488
Molecules with this sequenceTNFRSF10B [plasma membrane] UKENBCdOORHGURPPPPDDDD
Component ofTRAIL receptor-2:TRAIL complex [plasma membrane]
TRAIL receptor-2:TRAIL Trimer [plasma membrane]
TRAIL:TRAIL receptor-2:FADD [plasma membrane]
TRAIL:TRAIL receptor-2 Trimer:FADD:procaspase-8 [plasma membrane]
TRAIL:TRAIL receptor-2 Trimer:FADD:Caspase-10 precursor complex [plasma membrane]
TRAIL:TRAIL receptor-2:FADD:procaspase-8-dimer [plasma membrane]
TRAIL:TRAIL receptor-2 Trimer:FADD:procaspase-8:FLIP-L [plasma membrane]
DISC:p43/p41CASP8:p43 FLIP(L) [plasma membrane]
DISC:procaspase-8 [plasma membrane]
DISC:procaspase-8:FLIP(L) [plasma membrane]
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