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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 12 alternativeName: Activator-recruited cofactor 240 kDa component shortName:ARC240 alternativeName: CAG repeat protein 45 alternativeName: Mediator complex subunit 12 alternativeName: OPA-containing protein alternativeName: Thyroid hormone receptor-associated protein complex 230 kDa component shortName:Trap230 alternativeName: Trinucleotide repeat-containing gene 11 protein
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:9968
CTD Gene:9968
KEGG Gene:9968
NCBI Gene:9968
UCSC human:Q93074
dbSNP Gene:9968
Other identifiers related to this sequenceMED12_HUMAN, O15410, O75557, Q9UHV6, Q9UND7, AB102625, AB102552, BAC81036, 3980788, AB102586, AB102614, 3980825, AB102561, BAC81027, uc004dyy.3, ILMN_1760035, uc004dyz.3, BAC81038, 3980794, 3980809, 3980775, BAC81082, BAC81068, 3980828, 3980800, BAC81088, D83783, BAC81066, BAC81099, BAC81056, BAC81086, GE81473, 3980784, 3980792, AB102563, 8168215, AB102596, AB102584, 3980765, AB102559, AAD22033, AB102611, AAC83163, BAC81031, AB102621, AB102593, PF09497, AB102551, AB102581, AB102566, BAC81089, g4827041_3p_a_at, Q7Z2E0, AB102554, BAC81057, 3980771, 3980804, AL590764, 3980830, BAC81095, BAC81054, BAC81084, EntrezGene:9968, BAC81035, BAC81069, PH_hs_0043159, Q7Z2F1, AB102565, 3980764, AB102569, AB102594, BAC81020, AB102624, BAC81033, ENSP00000363215, 3980786, BAC81026, 3980790, 17104587, AB102591, AB102556, BAC81060, AB102555, AB102592, BAC81093, AB102618, AB102626, BAC81097, 9968, BAC81029, MIM:309520, 3980819, AB102588, 3980766, AF117755, BAC81059, BAC81030, BAC81061, BAC81063, BAC81028, AB102553, AB102598, 3980774, A_23_P73702, 3980781, 3980829, 3980820, AB102620, 3980778, AB102617, 211342_x_at, IPR021989, TNRC11, 3980789, BAC81021, 3980761, AB102628, BAC81052, 3980827, 3980805, AB102582, AB102612, BAC81023, 3980783, BAC81053, MIM:300895, 3980791, Hs.409226, AB102560, 20507344, 3980801, AF132033, 17334363, BAC81081, 3980767, BAC81055, MIM:305450, AAB91440, 3980816, 3980770, BAC81039, BAC81091, BAC81065, 40998_at, 3980773, 0006400438, HPA003185, 3980785, 3980826, BAC81022, BAC81062, 3980798, AB102600, PF12144, 3980814, 3980779, AB102630, AB102558, 10198638, AB102597, AB102567, BAC81050, HPA003184, 11723361_a_at, 3980782, 3980776, BAC81080, BAC81085, 3980831, AB102564, 3980796, MED12-001, IPR021990, NM_005120, AB102585, UPI000021230F, 3980769, Q7Z2F4, AB102587, MED12, 3980806, 3980772, AB102589, 203506_s_at, AB102629, PH_hs_0024789, BAC81083, AB102622, PF12145, 216071_x_at, AB102616, HOPA, BAC81096, D83783_at, AB102570, BAC81024, AB102590, AB102619, 3980760, BAC81098, 9225980, ENSG00000184634, BAC81032, AB102627, AB102595, 3980763, BAA12112, BAC81090, 3980795, ILMN_1793386, AB102599, BAC81025, BAC81094, 3980780, AB102613, BAC81064, 3980812, 3980810, AB102568, MIM:300188, HGNC:11957, AB102583, U80742, AF071309, 3980832, 3980768, BAC81087, BAC81051, AAD44162, IPR019035, OTTHUMP00000023490, AB102615, BAC81067, AB102557, 3980818, BAC81058, BAC81037, 3980799, BAC81034, AB102562, 3980803, ENSP00000363193, UPI00004257E2, MED12-002, NP_005111, XP_005262376, CCDS43970, OTTHUMP00000023491, XM_005262317, BAC81137, CAC84084, AB102668, Q8WWP6, AJ306428, Q7Z3Z5, 3980759, ENSP00000333125, MED12-201, EAX05318, UPI00001B6450, CH471132, XP_005262374
Molecules with this sequenceMED12 [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdOOPGUR
Component ofARC coactivator complex [nucleoplasm]
DRIP coactivator complex [nucleoplasm]
Mediator Complex (consensus) [nucleoplasm]
PPARG:Fatty Acid:RXRA:Mediator:Coactivator Complex [nucleoplasm]
TRAP coactivator complex [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Gene Expression

Developmental Biology

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