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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Antigen peptide transporter 2 shortName:APT2 alternativeName: ATP-binding cassette sub-family B member 3 alternativeName: Peptide supply factor 2 alternativeName: Peptide transporter PSF2 shortName:PSF-2 alternativeName: Peptide transporter TAP2 alternativeName: Peptide transporter involved in antigen processing 2 alternativeName: Really interesting new gene 11 protein
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:6891
CTD Gene:6891
KEGG Gene:6891
NCBI Gene:6891
UCSC human:Q03519
dbSNP Gene:6891
Other identifiers related to this sequenceTAP2_HUMAN, B0V2J8, O95410, Q53FI6, Q5HY71, Q96PT8, Q9UQ83, CAI41935, IPR013306, 16395595, BX682530, PR01896, U07844, Z22936, CAA60788, PR01897, TAP2-001, BX296564, SM00382, IPR011527, CR788227, AAD23381, CAA80523, CT009502, IPR013305, M74447, AHW47941, CR753889, 6891, M84748, HPA001312, AK223300, Q59H06, CAA47027, Hs.502, HGNC:44, BAD92190, AK222823, 1946428, CAR92541, CAQ08491, CAQ07778, IPR005293, Z22935, X5CMH5, EntrezGene:6891, ENSP00000416471, OTTHUMP00000038912, BAB71769, MIM:170261, TAP2, L10287, AB073779, PF00664, KJ657695, BAD97020, AF105151, BAD96543, UPI000016B089, BC002751, IPR027417, X66401, AAD12059, AAA58648, 1529427, AAA79901, NM_000544, CR762476, IPR003439, CAA80522, AB208953, MIM:604571, AH007554, CAQ10283, FM246456, IPR001140, ENSG00000232326, B6VNV2, IPR003593, L09191, AAA59841, AAA58649, X87344, ABCB3, PF00005, ENSP00000387553, EAX03642, UPI000006E66B, OTTHUMP00000038914, Q9UP03, TAP2-002, CH471081, AAD31384, AF078671, UPI000165DCC3, AAG12163, ENSG00000237599, ENSP00000390013, AY007425, OTTHUMP00000194322, Q9H4M2, 2950168, 2950187, 2950170, ENSP00000364034, A_23_P368067, 2950190, 2950183, 2950191, 8125483, 2950188, OTTHUMP00000029079, 2950184, 2950169, 2950185, 2950181, g9961247_3p_at, 8178841, 2950192, NP_061313, CCDS4755, ENSG00000204267, 2950179, uc003ocb.1, ILMN_1759250, 2950182, 208428_at, 0002970563, 2950193, 8180034, 17017947, 2950222, NM_018833, 11741632_a_at, 17039945, 0002970215, GE82445, 17034759, 2950189, EAX03643, UPI000011D578, 17029745, AHW47958, AHW47975, 2950176, 39988_at, 17032433, GE592299, 204770_at, 11723059_a_at, 2950196, AHW47924, NM_001290043, 55051_at, 11745266_x_at, 2950172, BAF85652, ILMN_1777565, 11723058_a_at, 2950178, KJ657696, OTTHUMP00000029078, M74447_at, g9961245_3p_at, 17027101, 2950173, ENSP00000364032, A_23_P214444, 204769_s_at, uc003ocd.3, 2950175, Hs.8208.0.A1_3p_at, KJ657694, AK292963, g188505_3p_a_at, 2950171, 0007000593, BT009906, 2950177, 225973_at, PH_hs_0045366, 2950174, A_33_P3214650, AAP88908, Q5JNW1, NP_001276972, 2950195, KJ657697, OTTHUMP00000193916, ENSG00000206235, ENSP00000372599, ENSP00000372600, OTTHUMP00000193917, OTTHUMP00000014665, ENSP00000372727, ENSG00000206299, ENSP00000372726, OTTHUMP00000014664, OTTHUMP00000193488, ENSG00000223481, ENSP00000406540, OTTHUMP00000193489, ENSP00000392172, OTTHUMP00000029487, ENSG00000228582, ENSP00000401377, OTTHUMP00000029486, ENSP00000394101, ENSG00000225967, ENSP00000396156, OTTHUMP00000193101, OTTHUMP00000193100, ENSP00000393580
Molecules with this sequenceTAP2 [endoplasmic reticulum membrane] UKEEENBCdOORHPGUR
TAP2 [phagocytic vesicle membrane] UKEEENBCdOORHPGUR
Component ofMHC:B2M peptide loading complex [integral component of lumenal side of endoplasmic reticulum membrane]
TAP [endoplasmic reticulum membrane]
TAP [phagocytic vesicle membrane]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Immune System

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