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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Tubulin beta-3 chain alternativeName: Tubulin beta-4 chain alternativeName: Tubulin beta-III
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:10381
CTD Gene:10381
KEGG Gene:10381
NCBI Gene:10381
UCSC human:Q13509
dbSNP Gene:10381
Other identifiers related to this sequenceTBB3_HUMAN, Q9BTZ0, Q9BW10, ENSG00000198211, ENST00000315491, ENSP00000320295, 429_f_at, 471_f_at, 202154_x_at, 213476_x_at, 33679_f_at, 33678_i_at, 34557_at, 57034_at, X67594_at, U47634_at, 213476_3p_x_at, g5174736_3p_a_at, Hs.159154.1.A1_3p_x_at, Hs.301240.0.S2_3p_at, A_14_P121369, A_32_P208915, A_23_P66095, A_24_P258633, A_24_P212314, A_23_P77489, A_32_P208914, A_23_P77493, CCDS10988, GE59191, GE59938, AB241547, AB241545, AB241543, AB241549, AB241546, AY363625, AY363627, AY363624, BT006971, AB241540, AY363623, AF529884, AB241542, AY363622, AB241541, AY363626, AY363621, AY363620, AY363619, AB241544, AB241550, AB241551, BC080622, AB241548, BC047518, BC001678, X65634, X67594, AF153431, AF153432, AF153433, AF153434, AF153435, AF153436, AF153437, AF326275, AF263461, AY046528, AY046529, AY225228, AF514787, BC007856, AK223039, U47634, AF427491, BC000748, BC003021, EntrezGene:4157, EntrezGene:10381, GI_5174736-S, GI_41151693-S, ILMN_16399, IPI00152453, IPI00640115, IPI00644620, IPI00816272, IPI00013683, MIM:155555, MIM:602661, BAE94313, BAE94311, BAE94309, BAE94315, BAE94312, AAQ62975, AAQ62977, AAQ62974, AAP35617, BAE94306, AAQ62973, AAO21073, BAE94308, AAQ62972, BAE94307, AAQ62976, AAQ62971, AAQ62970, AAQ62969, BAE94310, BAE94316, BAE94317, AAH80622, BAE94314, AAH47518, AAH01678, CAA46588, CAA47865, AAD41349, AAD41350, AAD41351, AAD41352, AAD41353, AAD41354, AAD41355, AAK01121, AAK58525, AAL05887, AAL05888, AAO67713, AAM44861, AAH07856, BAD96759, AAC52035, AAL28094, AAH00748, AAH03021, NM_002386, NM_006086, NP_002377, NP_006077, OTTHUMT00000272874, Hs.667428, Hs.511743, Q1JUL8, Q1JUM0, Q1JUM2, Q1JUL6, Q1JUL9, Q6UR94, Q6UR92, Q6UR95, Q7KZS6, Q1JUM5, Q6UR96, Q86YW1, Q1JUM3, Q6UR97, Q1JUM4, Q6UR93, Q6UR98, Q6UR99, Q6URA0, Q1JUL4, Q66K38, Q3ZCR3, Q9BV28, Q01726, Q53G92, Q13509, Q1JUL8_HUMAN, Q1JUM0_HUMAN, Q1JUM2_HUMAN, Q1JUL6_HUMAN, Q1JUL9_HUMAN, Q6UR94_HUMAN, Q6UR92_HUMAN, Q6UR95_HUMAN, Q7KZS6_HUMAN, Q1JUM5_HUMAN, Q6UR96_HUMAN, Q86YW1_HUMAN, Q1JUM3_HUMAN, Q6UR97_HUMAN, Q1JUM4_HUMAN, Q6UR93_HUMAN, Q6UR98_HUMAN, Q6UR99_HUMAN, Q6URA0_HUMAN, Q1JUL4_HUMAN, Q66K38_HUMAN, Q3ZCR3_HUMAN, Q9BV28_HUMAN, MSHR_HUMAN, Q53G92_HUMAN, TBB3_HUMAN, IPR000217, IPR013838, IPR000158, IPR002452, IPR002453, IPR002454, IPR002967, IPR004057, IPR003008, IPR008280
Molecules with this sequenceTUBB3 [cytosol] UKENBCdOORHGUR
TUBB3 unfolded [cytosol] UKENBCdOORHGUR
TUBB3 folding intermediate [cytosol] UKENBCdOORHGUR
Component ofnative beta-tubulin:GTP [cytosol]
Prefoldin-associated actin/tubulin [cytosol]
actin/tubulin-bound CCT/TriC(ADP) [cytosol]
CCT/TriC(ATP):unfolded tubulin complex [cytosol]
CCT/TriC(ADP)-associated non-native tubulin [cytosol]
GTP:beta-tubulin folding intermediate [cytosol]
alpha-beta heterodimer [cytosol]
cofactor A:GTP:beta-tubulin folding intermediate [cytosol]
Cofactor D:GTP:beta tubulin [cytosol]
tubulin-GTP folding intermediate [cytosol]
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Represented by generalisation(s)beta tubulin [cytosol]
beta tubulin [cytosol]
unfolded actin/tubulin [cytosol]
Unfolded alpha/beta tubulin [cytosol]
beta-tubulin folding intermediate [cytosol]
alpha/beta tubulin folding intermediate [cytosol]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Mitotic M-M/G1 phases

Immune System

Metabolism of proteins

Cell Cycle

Membrane Trafficking


Developmental Biology

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