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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Telomerase reverse transcriptase ecNumber2.7.7.49/ecNumber alternativeName: HEST2 alternativeName: Telomerase catalytic subunit alternativeName: Telomerase-associated protein 2 shortName:TP2
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:7015
CTD Gene:7015
DOCK Blaster:2BCK
KEGG Gene:7015
NCBI Gene:7015
Protein Data Bank:2BCK
UCSC human:O14746
dbSNP Gene:7015
Other identifiers related to this sequenceTERT_HUMAN, O14783, Q2XS35, Q8N6C3, Q8NG38, Q8NG46, 2845876, TERT-001, AF097365, MIM:178500, CH471102, EntrezGene:7015, BAC11010, g4507438_3p_at, 1869_at, AY007685, 2845868, 0002320736, uc003jcb.1, 4B18, 2845877, 207199_at, 2845875, AF114847, PH_hs_0030270, DQ264729, ABB72674, A_23_P110851, ENSP00000309572, MIM:187270, Q9UNR4, 2845872, 2BCK, AF015950, IPR003545, g4507438_3p_x_at, Hs2.115256.2.S1_3p_s_at, 2845839, IPR000477, 2845866, TERT, MIM:615134, MIM:609135, LRG_343, 9252327, 2845843, MIM:613989, 2845845, ILMN_2373119, 2845863, AF121948, CCDS3861, AAD12786, NP_937983, AF098956, BAC11014, Q9UNS6, AF018167, PF12009, AC114291, MIM:614742, AAC51724, 2845855, 2845854, 2845844, 8110783, 2845837, AAD17210, PF00078, 2845830, 11752055_a_at, 2845861, BAC11015, 2845857, 2845850, AF015950_at, 4MNQ, Q9UBR6, 11730710_a_at, OTTHUMP00000115415, AB085628, AAG23289, 2845862, AAC51672, 16993919, AAD12057, 2845878, HGNC:11730, AAD24464, 2845870, EAX08167, 2845860, ENSG00000164362, AAD30037, AB086950, ENST00000310581, NM_198253, AF128894, 2845874, 2845848, 2845840, 2845873, PR01365, 2845869, AB086379, 2845867, LRG_343t1, UPI0000031309, 2845856, 7015, AF128893, SM00975, Hs.492203, 1555271_a_at, ILMN_1796759, 2845834, ILMN_1796005, 2845871, IPR021891, GE80031, 2845831, OTTHUMP00000220870, UPI000006D51C, TERT-004, uc003jcc.1, ENSP00000425003, UPI000006F7DB, NP_001180305, CCDS54831, TERT-005, OTTHUMP00000220871, ENSP00000334346, NM_001193376, ENSP00000426042, OTTHUMP00000220872, UPI0000072D19, TERT-006
Molecules with this sequenceTERT [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdOOPGPURD
Component ofTCF/LEF:CTNNB1:SMARCA4:TERT [nucleoplasm]
Telomerase Holoenzyme Base-paired to the Telomeric Chromosome End with an Additional single Stranded Telomere repeat [nucleoplasm]
Telomerase Holoenzyme:Telomeric RNP End with Two Additional Single Stranded Telomere Repeats [nucleoplasm]
Telomerase RNP [nucleoplasm]
Telomerase RNP Bound and base-paired to the Telomeric Chromosome End [nucleoplasm]
Telomerase RNP Bound to the Telomeric Chromosome End [nucleoplasm]
Telomerase RNP:Telomeric Chromosome End with an Additional single Stranded Telomere repeat [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Signal Transduction

Cell Cycle


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