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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Tropomyosin alpha-1 chain alternativeName: Alpha-tropomyosin alternativeName: Tropomyosin-1
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:7168
CTD Gene:7168
KEGG Gene:7168
NCBI Gene:7168
UCSC human:P09493
dbSNP Gene:7168
Other identifiers related to this sequenceTPM1_HUMAN, B7Z5T7, D9YZV2, D9YZV3, D9YZV8, P09494, P10469, Q6DV89, Q6DV90, Q7Z6L8, Q86W64, Q96IK2, Q9UCI1, Q9UCI2, Q9UCY9, Q9Y427, g4507646_3p_at, AAH50473, PH_hs_0022510, UPI0000167927, AY640414, 3597348, 3597390, uc002alh.3, EAW77622, 11742308_s_at, 3597396, 3597399, CCDS10181, ILMN_2360710, HGNC:12010, CAA30930, 3597349, 3597398, M19267, BC053545, EAW77619, 3597347, 0002350672, OTTHUMP00000163688, ENSP00000288398, 10343096, 3597375, ILMN_1716687, EAW77627, XP_006720731, GU324929, M19714, BAH13023, 3597380, EAW77623, 3597376, 11738892_a_at, CAB43309, 3597393, 7984079, AAA61227, 3597384, X12369, 3597382, M19715, AAT68294, A_23_P363344, 206116_s_at, AAT68295, NP_000357, 7168, AK299387, 11742309_x_at, AY640415, NM_000366, XP_006720730, GU324930, BC050473, HPA000261, 11738893_s_at, 3597395, ADL14501, ENSG00000140416, AC079328, AAA61225, MIM:611878, AAH53545, AAA36771, CAB017698, M19713, MIM:115196, AL050179, ADL14504, g4507646_3p_a_at, GU324933, 206116_3p_s_at, TPM1, TPM1-001, 8205619, EAW77628, CH471082, NM_001018004, XP_005254696, BC007433, GU324935, EntrezGene:7168, GE79950, ADL14500, H0YL42, ADL14506, Hs.635569, A_33_P3335966, 206117_at, IPR000533, 3597400, PR00194, 3597355, AAH07433, MIM:191010, AAA61226, PF00261, A_24_P44462, A_23_P391586, D9YZV5, ENSP00000351022, 11761349_x_at, A_23_P206018, NP_001018006, EAW77621, CCDS32263, 36792_at, ADL14503, NM_001018006, GU324932, M19267_s_at, A_32_P89709, PH_hs_0044602, 210986_s_at, 11716728_s_at, 3597408, 3597407, 11745803_x_at, 3597406, 210987_x_at, UPI000002B5A9, Z24727_at, TPM1-018, 36790_at, 36791_g_at, uc002alk.3, g339943_3p_a_at, OTTHUMP00000248046, GU324931, NP_001018005, ENSP00000385107, 3597388, XP_005254702, TPM1-002, NM_001018005, uc002alg.3, CCDS45273, D9YZV4, XP_005254695, OTTHUMP00000248048, ADL14502, UPI0000040637, CCDS58369, ENSP00000453941, TPM1-028, NP_001018004, UPI00001FE633, OTTHUMP00000248051, uc002ali.3, uc002all.3, NM_001018020, 3597353, ENSP00000452879, OTTHUMP00000248052, NP_001018020, XP_005254698, UPI000050D2C8, CCDS58368, TPM1-010, ENSP00000267996, OTTHUMP00000248053, NP_001018007, XP_005254697, NM_001018007, XP_005254700, CCDS32262, XP_005254701, uc002alj.3, TPM1-005, UPI0000440280, ILMN_1715787, XM_005254653, 3597364, L02922, XP_005254704, CCDS32264, PH_hs_0045089, OTTHUMP00000248057, UPI00001A9462, IPR008374, GU324934, D9YZV7, 3597404, 3597363, 3597403, TPM1-011, NM_001018008, Q07413, XP_005254710, NP_001018008, 3597405, uc002als.3, AAA16888, 3597402, ILMN_1685339, 11730961_a_at, ADL14505, ENSP00000334624, A_24_P924721, PR01799, 3597362, ILMN_2278152
Molecules with this sequenceTPM1 [cytosol] UKENBCdOOOORRHHPGURR
Component ofADP:Calcium Bound Myosin Actin Complex [plasma membrane]
ADP:Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
ATP:Calcium Bound Myosin Actin Complex [plasma membrane]
ATP:Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
Calcium Bound Myosin Actin Complex [plasma membrane]
Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
Inactive Myosin Actin Contractile Complex [plasma membrane]
Inactive Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
Thin Filament [cytosol]
Thin Filament With Troponin Bound Calcium [cytosol]
Represented by generalisation(s)Tropomyosin [cytosol]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Muscle contraction

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