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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Tropomyosin alpha-3 chain alternativeName: Gamma-tropomyosin alternativeName: Tropomyosin-3 alternativeName: Tropomyosin-5 shortName:hTM5
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:7170
CTD Gene:7170
KEGG Gene:7170
NCBI Gene:7170
UCSC human:P06753
dbSNP Gene:7170
Other identifiers related to this sequenceTPM3_HUMAN, D3DV71, P12324, Q2QD06, Q5VU58, Q5VU63, Q5VU66, Q5VU71, Q5VU72, Q8TCG3, Q969Q2, Q9NQH8, TPM3, 2436557, ABC40673, BAB93457, A_32_P162338, A_24_P161244, 3834246, A_33_P3346193, ENSG00000143549, X04201, AAH72428, BC008425, 238065_at, OK/SW-CL.5, A_32_P119197, X04588, NP_001265117, EAW53229, 2436527, A_24_P393880, BC000771, AF474157, AB062125, 222976_3p_s_at, 43197_at, BC015403, MIM:609284, AL590431, UPI0000000DF4, 7170, CAA27798, CAH71269, AAH08425, A_23_P310222, g12653954_3p_x_at, A_33_P3223980, 2436552, Hs.169514.0.A1_3p_at, uc001fea.1, ILMN_1660775, AAL84570, IPR011072, ENSP00000357521, 2436558, X03541, AAF87083, ILMN_1686388, Q6LDX7, 11715667_s_at, NM_001278188, A_24_P67364, 11749935_s_at, HPA000261, 0006590484, CAB37185, 3660774, 222976_s_at, MIM:191030, NM_152263, AY004867, BC008407, AAA36775, EntrezGene:7170, NM_153649, 2436548, CAA27243, HPA009066, Q8NI98, 2436550, OTTHUMP00000034019, 2436540, EAW53235, NP_705935, CCDS1060, TPM3-004, EAW53231, AAH15403, g12653954_3p_a_at, AAH00771, 0005690047, 2436523, 11715666_a_at, HGNC:12012, 3588684, M12128, MIM:164970, 1829807, Hs.625550, MIM:188550, BC072428, MIM:255310, g12653954_3p_s_at, DQ120714, 3069273, 2436528, 2436546, CH471121, EAW53230, CAH71264, 2436553, 2436522, IPR000533, AAH08407, 57840_at, 2436541, 8142468, DKFZP686J1372, ILMN_1697567, Hs.644306, 11750045_x_at, PR00194, 3834250, 75021_at, PF00261, 2436525, ENSP00000339035, TPM3-009, XP_006711586, OTTHUMP00000034171, 2436543, XM_006711523, NP_001036816, NM_001043351, UPI0000458A75, CCDS41400, uc001fdy.1, NP_001265118, UPI0000049FFE, OTTHUMP00000034021, XP_006711585, uc001fed.2, TPM3-006, ENSP00000357520, 2436539, NM_001278189, XP_006711581, XM_006711518, CCDS60275, UPI0000458A72, NP_001265120, ENSP00000307712, TPM3-011, CCDS60274, uc031ppm.1, 2436554, OTTHUMP00000034173, NM_001278191, NP_001036817, A_23_P346086, UPI000002B5B7, g9508584_3p_at, NM_001043352, ENSP00000357517, 224164_at, 2436530, 73377_at, CCDS41402, 11731455_at, OTTHUMP00000218071, uc001feb.1, 2436531, TPM3-026, TPM3-010, OTTHUMP00000034172, CCDS41401, ENSP00000357518, NP_001036818, UPI0000458A76, uc001fdz.1, NM_001043353, NP_689476, XM_006711516, 2436571, 89615_at, 32754_at, ILMN_1747696, ENSP00000357516, 2436570, uc001fec.2, 0001660520, BAG51839, UPI000013D90D, XP_006711584, 2436569, 2436566, 2436537, XP_006711580, Hs.85844.3.S1_3p_at, AK056997, 2436564, X04201_at, D6RGJ6, Q5VU62, GE85555, XP_006711579, AAH62740, OTTHUMP00000034016, XM_006711517, 11746919_a_at, 2436565, BC062740, TPM3-001, 214365_at, 2436538, CCDS41403
Molecules with this sequenceTPM3 [cytosol] UKENBCdOOOORHPGUR
Component ofADP:Calcium Bound Myosin Actin Complex [plasma membrane]
ADP:Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
ATP:Calcium Bound Myosin Actin Complex [plasma membrane]
ATP:Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
Calcium Bound Myosin Actin Complex [plasma membrane]
Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
Inactive Myosin Actin Contractile Complex [plasma membrane]
Inactive Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
Thin Filament [cytosol]
Thin Filament With Troponin Bound Calcium [cytosol]
Represented by generalisation(s)Tropomyosin [cytosol]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Muscle contraction

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