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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Troponin T, cardiac muscle shortName:TnTc alternativeName: Cardiac muscle troponin T shortName:cTnT
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:7139
CTD Gene:7139
DOCK Blaster:1J1D
DOCK Blaster:1J1E
KEGG Gene:7139
NCBI Gene:7139
Protein Data Bank:1J1D
Protein Data Bank:1J1E
UCSC human:P45379
dbSNP Gene:7139
Other identifiers related to this sequenceTNNT2_HUMAN, A2TDB9, A8K3K6, O60214, Q99596, Q99597, Q9BUF6, Q9UM96, ENSG00000118194, ENST00000357848, ENSP00000350511, 215389_s_at, 38793_at, X74819_at, Hs.296865.1.S1_3p_a_at, A_24_P257022, A_23_P34700, CCDS30970, CCDS30969, CCDS30968, GE79297, EF179183, AY277394, AY160216, S64668, X74819, L40162, X79855, X79856, X79857, X79858, Y09626, Y09627, Y09628, AF004422, AF004409, AF004410, AF004411, AF004412, AF004413, AF004414, AF004415, AF004416, AF004417, AF004418, AF004419, AF004420, AF004421, AY044273, S71126, S71127, S71128, AK125236, BC002653, X79861, X79859, EntrezGene:7139, GI_4507626-S, ILMN_22685, IPI00021292, IPI00218306, IPI00218307, IPI00218308, IPI00218309, IPI00478301, IPI00218312, IPI00747844, IPI00471956, IPI00641922, IPI00145107, IPI00654551, IPI00218313, IPI00218311, MIM:191045, MIM:115195, MIM:192600, MIM:601494, OTTHUMP00000033866, OTTHUMP00000033867, OTTHUMP00000033864, OTTHUMT00000086923, OTTHUMT00000086925, OTTHUMT00000086921, 1J1D, 1J1E, ABN05286, AAP96757, AAN71651, AAB27731, CAA52818, AAA67422, CAA56235, CAA56236, CAA56237, CAA56238, CAA70839, CAA70840, CAA70841, AAC39590, AAK92231, AAB30956, AAB30957, BAC86093, AAH02653, CAA56240, CAA56239, NM_000364, NM_001001430, NM_001001431, NM_001001432, NP_000355, NP_001001430, NP_001001431, NP_001001432, OTTHUMT00000086928, A2TDB9, Q7Z554, Q8IZA1, P45379, Q6ZUX4, Q9BUF6, Q15607, Q15608, A2TDB9_HUMAN, Q7Z554_HUMAN, Q8IZA1_HUMAN, TNNT2_HUMAN, Q6ZUX4_HUMAN, Q9BUF6_HUMAN, Q15607_HUMAN, Q15608_HUMAN, P45379-2, P45379-3, P45379-4, P45379-5, P45379-10, P45379-8, P45379-6, P45379-7, P45379-9, IPR001978
Molecules with this sequenceTNNT2 [cytosol] UKENBCdOOOORHGURPPDD
Component ofADP:Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
ATP:Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
Calcium Bound Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
Calcium:Troponin Complex [cytosol]
Inactive Sarcomere Protein Complex [cytosol]
Thin Filament [cytosol]
Thin Filament With Troponin Bound Calcium [cytosol]
Troponin Complex [cytosol]
Represented by generalisation(s)Troponin T [cytosol]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Muscle contraction

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