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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: von Willebrand factor shortName:vWF component recommendedName: von Willebrand antigen 2 alternativeName: von Willebrand antigen II /component
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:7450
CTD Gene:7450
DOCK Blaster:1AO3
DOCK Blaster:1ATZ
DOCK Blaster:1AUQ
DOCK Blaster:1FE8
DOCK Blaster:1FNS
DOCK Blaster:1IJB
DOCK Blaster:1IJK
DOCK Blaster:1M10
DOCK Blaster:1OAK
DOCK Blaster:1SQ0
DOCK Blaster:1U0N
DOCK Blaster:1UEX
DOCK Blaster:2ADF
KEGG Gene:7450
NCBI Gene:7450
Protein Data Bank:1AO3
Protein Data Bank:1ATZ
Protein Data Bank:1AUQ
Protein Data Bank:1FE8
Protein Data Bank:1FNS
Protein Data Bank:1IJB
Protein Data Bank:1IJK
Protein Data Bank:1M10
Protein Data Bank:1OAK
Protein Data Bank:1SQ0
Protein Data Bank:1U0N
Protein Data Bank:1UEX
Protein Data Bank:2ADF
UCSC human:P04275
dbSNP Gene:7450
Other identifiers related to this sequenceVWF_HUMAN, Q99806, HPA001815, SM00832, ENSG00000110799, M25842, OTTHUMP00000238431, NP_000543, X06829, 3951542, 16760257, 1IJB, 3951549, ENSP00000261405, M25854, 4C2B, 3441780, 3951561, M25847, SM00216, 3441711, NM_000552, 3441696, 3441724, AAB59512, 1FE8, AAB39987, 1AO3, 3951557, M25831, M25856, IPR002035, AC005904, 3441805, M25833, 3441735, SM00327, 3441776, 3441793, 11751779_a_at, AEY75227, 3951551, 3441749, PH_hs_0025809, 3441746, 3ZQK, 3PPY, 3441745, PF00094, M25836, 3441702, 3441767, AC005845, MIM:277480, IPR001007, M25840, M25859, MIM:613554, 1UEX, 3441769, M25843, 3441726, MIM:613160, 3441764, M25852, M25865, 607_s_at, M25857, 3441807, 11724540_a_at, M25845, 3441778, ILMN_1752755, 11747176_a_at, GE59658, IPR012011, 3951539, 3951556, 48871_at, M25838, 3441731, 3441792, M25850, 4DMU, M25860, X04146, M60675, CAA27972, CAB001694, HGNC:12726, 3441721, 11752216_a_at, 17123028, K03028, 3441799, IPR014853, 3441808, 3441695, AAA61295, 3441689, M25863, 1FNS, 3441687, AAA61294, SM00041, 1IJK, 3441699, IPR002919, 7450, A_23_P105562, M10321, M25855, 3951564, 3441740, 233980_s_at, 3441725, JN625247, 3441706, 3HXQ, 3PPW, SM00215, Hs.110802.1.A1_3p_a_at, IPR006207, 3951558, uc001qnn.1, M25834, M16945, 3441701, M25848, 3951540, M25839, 3441768, PF08742, IPR006552, 4C2A, AAB59458, 3441748, 3441742, 3441766, 3441730, H2DLA2, 3951562, M25829, 3441753, VWF-002, IPR001846, 3HXO, 7960464, 1M10, Hs.440848, g9257255_3p_at, 2ADF, X06828, M25853, 1U0N, UPI00001AE7EE, 3441787, 3441709, X04385, 3441779, 3PPX, U81237, PF00092, 2251280, M25858, M10321_s_at, 1ATZ, A_32_P150382, 17123032, CAA27765, AAA65940, 3441736, M16946, 3441791, 11724541_s_at, 3441716, 3951560, 3441693, AC005846, 1AUQ, 1OAK, M25830, M25844, SM00214, 3441732, X02672, M25861, 3441754, 3441691, 3441705, 4NT5, 202112_at, 3441741, AAA61293, PR00453, 3441744, 3GXB, 3441712, 1SQ0, EntrezGene:7450, IPR029034, 3441747, M25835, 3441700, CCDS8539, PF00093, M25832, M25862, 3441720, VWF, 3951543, 3441759, M17588, 3441788, PF01826, 3441686, 3441688, M25841, 3951550, M25864, 4C29, 3441809, 3441719, 3PPV, 3441715, 3951545, 3951555, HPA002082, 3441727, M25828, CAA29985, 3441763, MIM:193400, M25851, 17123030, 3951548, CAA26503, 3441729, M25837, M25849, M25846
Molecules with this sequenceVWF(23-763) [extracellular region] UKENBCdOOORHPGPPPPPPPPPPPPPURDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Component ofCollagen IV:vWF complex [extracellular region]
GPIb-IX-V:vWF [plasma membrane]
GPIb-IX-V:vWF:filamin-A [plasma membrane]
von Willibrand factor multimer [extracellular region]
factor VIII:von Willebrand factor multimer [extracellular region]
VWF multimer [extracellular region]
GpIb-IX-V:vWF:Collagen IV [plasma membrane]
GPIb-IX-V:vWF:14-3-3-zeta [plasma membrane]
Focal complex [plasma membrane]
Talin:RIAM complex:ECM ligands: 2X(Integrin alphaIIb beta3:Inactive (p-Y530)-SRC) [plasma membrane]
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Represented by generalisation(s)Integrin alphaIIb beta3 ECM ligands [extracellular region]
Platelet alpha granule contents [extracellular region]
Platelet alpha granule contents [platelet alpha granule lumen]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Signal Transduction

Extracellular matrix organization


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