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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: DNA repair protein complementing XP-C cells alternativeName: Xeroderma pigmentosum group C-complementing protein alternativeName: p125
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:7508
CTD Gene:7508
DOCK Blaster:2A4J
DOCK Blaster:2GGM
KEGG Gene:7508
NCBI Gene:7508
Protein Data Bank:2A4J
Protein Data Bank:2GGM
UCSC human:Q01831
dbSNP Gene:7508
Other identifiers related to this sequenceXPC_HUMAN, B4DIP3, E9PH69, Q53GT7, Q96AX0, 2663835, 2663815, IPR018328, D21089, 2663817, FJ695191, ACD74570, 2663811, IPR018326, 8085486, 2663855, D2CPK1, ENSP00000285021, MIM:613208, NM_001145769, BAA04651, g475156_3p_at, 2663836, X5DRB1, EU530521, 16951007, AF261900, BC016620, uc011ave.2, AF261901, PF10405, XPC-001, AK222844, CCDS46763, 2663848, OTTHUMP00000218039, PH_hs_0044503, 2663813, 0003060019, EU530528, IPR018026, 2663839, EU530523, 209375_at, AAH16620, AF261894, 2663851, ENSG00000154767, 2663837, X65024, 2663841, 1522891, ACD74564, MIM:278720, D2CPK4, AF261898, 2663812, PH_hs_0000038, 2663823, 2663849, AF261896, KJ534962, ILMN_1790807, EU530530, ACE74251, PF03835, D2CPI9, AY131066, AF261892, AK295711, IPR018325, AC093495, NM_004628, A_24_P88921, ACE74254, PF10403, 11728207_a_at, 2663856, D2CPJ8, 2663834, 2663850, 2663824, 2663844, CAA46158, EU530520, GE57108, IPR018327, ACE74247, 2GGM, BAG58555, D2CPK2, 2663820, NP_004619, 2663847, AHW56602, D2CPJ1, XPC, AAM77801, 2663840, LRG_472t1, D21089_at, 7508, UPI000196375E, NP_001139241, AAF87574, PF10404, 2663853, 2663828, PH_hs_0030850, ACE74253, AF261897, 2663842, EU530531, BAD96564, LRG_472, 1873_at, AF261899, 35647_at, CAB009932, 2OBH, AF261893, EntrezGene:7508, AF261895, FJ695192, ENST00000285021, D2CPJ3, 2663814, HPA035707, ACE74250, 2663843, HGNC:12816, Hs.475538, 2663852, 11740553_a_at, 2A4J
Molecules with this sequenceXPC [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdOORHPGPPURDD
Component ofIncision complex with 3'-incised damaged DNA [nucleoplasm]
incision complex for GG-NER [nucleoplasm]
pre-incision complex in GG-NER [nucleoplasm]
pre-incision complex with open DNA bubble [nucleoplasm]
XPC:HR23B complex [nucleoplasm]
XPC:HR23B:damaged DNA complex [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

DNA Repair

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