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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Zinc finger protein 41
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesENSEMBL:ENSG00000147124
KEGG Gene:7592
UCSC human:P51814
Other identifiers related to this sequenceZNF41_HUMAN, A8K1V6, B4DH01, Q96LE8, Q9UMC4, Q9UMV5, Q9UMV6, Q9UMV7, Q9UMV8, Q9UMV9, Q9UMW0, Q9UMW1, Hs2.143700.2.S1_3p_s_at, 4007087, 11736999_a_at, AL590223, PF00096, XP_006724616, 0001500446, AJ010019, CAI41591, CAB53035, 4007090, XM_005272668, XP_006724621, 4007089, 32936_at, XP_006724615, ENSG00000147124, Hs.496074, XP_006724618, M92443, PH_hs_0008463, CAB53036, NM_153380, 11754737_a_at, BAG57962, IPR001909, 8172307, 4007088, 1553217_s_at, OTTHUMP00000023219, 72096_at, 1553216_at, X60155, XM_005272666, 4007092, 4007095, CAI41627, EntrezGene:7592, AJ010021, ILMN_2299260, ILMN_1789750, BAF82710, PH_hs_0031802, ZNF41, uc004dhx.4, GE861293, XP_005272725, CAB51740, XP_005272726, ZNF41-001, 75457_i_at, 7592, BC015023, 75459_r_at, AL590283, XM_005272669, ENSP00000315173, ILMN_1755665, GE483627, CCDS14279, IPR015880, AJ010022, UPI0000001C0E, AJ010017, CAB53037, 0003870338, 4007101, 11737000_a_at, AAA61312, MIM:314995, 4007100, AK294858, 17110437, AK290021, AJ010020, XP_006724617, CAB53039, 0001500064, CAB53040, 4007103, CAB53041, ILMN_1741155, SM00355, AJ010023, 83024_r_at, HGNC:13107, 2037297, EAW59303, XP_006724614, 83026_i_at, XP_006724613, CH471164, XP_005272723, 4007104, AJ010018, SM00349, 4007091, AAH15023, PF01352, IPR007087, 4007102, CAB53038, A_23_P45234, uc004dhy.4, XP_005272722, OTTHUMP00000023220, XM_006724556, NM_007130, ENSP00000366265, XM_005272665, NP_700359, 4007105, ZNF41-002, XP_006724620, NP_009061, XP_006724619, XM_006724557
Molecules with this sequenceZNF41 [nucleoplasm] UKEOOPGU
Represented by generalisation(s)KRAB-ZNF [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Gene Expression

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