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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
First nameMegan J
AffiliationUniversity of Western Ontario
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Although, DNA replication occurs in the S phase of the cell ...
Studies in the past decade have suggested that the basic mec...
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Activation of the pre-replicative complex [Homo sapiens]
Assembly of the ORC complex at the origin of replication [Homo sapiens]
Assembly of the pre-replicative complex [Homo sapiens]
Cdc45 associates with the pre-replicative complex at the origin [Homo sapiens]
CDC6 association with ORC:origin complexes mediated by MCM8 [Homo sapiens]
CDC6 association with the ORC:origin complex [Homo sapiens]
CDC6 protein is synthesized under the control of E2F transcription factors [Homo sapiens]
CDK and DDK associate with the Mcm10:pre-replicative complex [Homo sapiens]
CDT1 association with the CDC6:ORC:origin complex [Homo sapiens]
Cdt1 is displaced from the pre-replicative complex. [Homo sapiens]
DNA polymerase alpha:primase binds at the origin [Homo sapiens]
DNA polymerase epsilon binds at the origin [Homo sapiens]
DNA Replication [Homo sapiens]
DNA Replication Factor A (RPA) associates with the pre-replicative complex at the origin [Homo sapiens]
DNA replication initiation [Homo sapiens]
DNA Replication Pre-Initiation [Homo sapiens]
Free CDT1 associates with CDC6:ORC:origin complexes [Homo sapiens]
Mcm10 associates with the pre-replicative complex, stabilizing Mcm2-7 [Homo sapiens]
Mcm2-7 associates with the Cdt1:CDC6:ORC:origin complex, forming the pre-replicative complex (preRC) [Homo sapiens]
Mcm2-7 is phosphorylated by DDK [Homo sapiens]
Orc1 associates with Orc4:Orc5:Orc3:Orc2:origin complexes [Homo sapiens]
Orc3 associates with Orc2 constitutively bound at origins of replication [Homo sapiens]
Orc4 associates with Orc5:Orc3:Orc2:origin complexes [Homo sapiens]
Orc5 associates with Orc3:Orc2:origin complexes [Homo sapiens]
Orc6 associates with Orc1:Orc4:Orc5:Orc3:Orc2:origin complexes, forming ORC:origin complexes [Homo sapiens]
The geminin component of geminin:Cdt1 complexes is ubiquitinated, releasing Cdt1 [Homo sapiens]
Ubiquitinated geminin is degraded by the proteasome [Homo sapiens]
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