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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: Estrogen receptor shortName:ER alternativeName: ER-alpha alternativeName: Estradiol receptor alternativeName: Nuclear receptor subfamily 3 group A member 1
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:2099
CTD Gene:2099
DOCK Blaster:1A52
DOCK Blaster:1AKF
DOCK Blaster:1ERE
DOCK Blaster:1ERR
DOCK Blaster:1G50
DOCK Blaster:1GWQ
DOCK Blaster:1GWR
DOCK Blaster:1HCP
DOCK Blaster:1HCQ
DOCK Blaster:1L2I
DOCK Blaster:1PCG
DOCK Blaster:1QKT
DOCK Blaster:1QKU
DOCK Blaster:1R5K
DOCK Blaster:1SJ0
DOCK Blaster:1UOM
DOCK Blaster:1X7E
DOCK Blaster:1X7R
DOCK Blaster:1XP1
DOCK Blaster:1XP6
DOCK Blaster:1XP9
DOCK Blaster:1XPC
DOCK Blaster:1XQC
DOCK Blaster:1YIM
DOCK Blaster:1YIN
DOCK Blaster:1ZKY
DOCK Blaster:2AYR
DOCK Blaster:2B1V
DOCK Blaster:2BJ4
DOCK Blaster:2FAI
DOCK Blaster:3ERD
DOCK Blaster:3ERT
KEGG Gene:2099
NCBI Gene:2099
Protein Data Bank:1A52
Protein Data Bank:1AKF
Protein Data Bank:1ERE
Protein Data Bank:1ERR
Protein Data Bank:1G50
Protein Data Bank:1GWQ
Protein Data Bank:1GWR
Protein Data Bank:1HCP
Protein Data Bank:1HCQ
Protein Data Bank:1L2I
Protein Data Bank:1PCG
Protein Data Bank:1QKT
Protein Data Bank:1QKU
Protein Data Bank:1R5K
Protein Data Bank:1SJ0
Protein Data Bank:1UOM
Protein Data Bank:1X7E
Protein Data Bank:1X7R
Protein Data Bank:1XP1
Protein Data Bank:1XP6
Protein Data Bank:1XP9
Protein Data Bank:1XPC
Protein Data Bank:1XQC
Protein Data Bank:1YIM
Protein Data Bank:1YIN
Protein Data Bank:1ZKY
Protein Data Bank:2AYR
Protein Data Bank:2B1V
Protein Data Bank:2BJ4
Protein Data Bank:2FAI
Protein Data Bank:3ERD
Protein Data Bank:3ERT
UCSC human:P03372
dbSNP Gene:2099
Other identifiers related to this sequenceESR1_HUMAN, Q13511, Q14276, Q5T5H7, Q6MZQ9, Q9NU51, Q9UDZ7, Q9UIS7, ENSG00000091831, ENST00000347491, ENSP00000306312, ENST00000206249, ENSP00000206249, 1681_at, 205225_at, 211234_x_at, 211235_s_at, 211233_x_at, 215552_s_at, 1893_s_at, X03635_at, Hs.247976.0.S1_3p_s_at, g4503602_3p_at, g11907834_3p_a_at, A_14_P136162, A_23_P309739, A_24_P383478, A_23_P59308, CCDS5234, GE59651, AF258449, X62462, U68067, U68068, AL356311, M69297, AF120105, X03635, AL078582, BC128573, BC128574, AL590993, AL049821, BX640939, M12674, U47678, AY425004, X73067, AF123500, AF123494, AF123495, AF123496, AF123497, AF123498, AF123499, Z75126, EntrezGene:2099, GI_4503602-S, ILMN_15142, IPI00218352, IPI00294982, MIM:133430, OTTHUMP00000017719, OTTHUMP00000017718, OTTHUMT00000043309, OTTHUMT00000043308, 1A52, 1AKF, 1ERE, 1ERR, 1G50, 1GWQ, 1GWR, 1HCP, 1HCQ, 1L2I, 1PCG, 1QKT, 1QKU, 1R5K, 1SJ0, 1UOM, 1X7E, 1X7R, 1XP1, 1XP6, 1XP9, 1XPC, 1XQC, 1YIM, 1YIN, 1ZKY, 2AYR, 2B1V, 2BJ4, 2FAI, 3ERD, 3ERT, AAG41358, CAA44322, AAC51874, AAC51875, CAI21011, AAA58462, AAD23565, AAI28574, AAI28575, CAI14237, CAI21012, CAI22123, CAE45969, CAA27284, AAA52399, AAB00115, AAQ91815, CAA51528, CAI42285, CAI42286, AAD52984, CAA99436, NM_000125, NP_000116, Hs.605516, Hs.630134, Hs.208124, Q9H2M2, Q9UE35, Q9UBT1, Q14268, Q9Y2W8, Q5SYS0, Q6MZQ9, P03372, Q9H2M2_HUMAN, Q9UE35_HUMAN, Q9UBT1_HUMAN, Q14268_HUMAN, Q9Y2W8_HUMAN, Q5SYS0_HUMAN, Q6MZQ9_HUMAN, ESR1_HUMAN, P03372-2, IPR001628, IPR000324, IPR001292, IPR001723, IPR001728, IPR000536
Component ofERBB4s80:ESR1 [nucleoplasm]
ESR1 homodimer [nucleoplasm]
ESR1:estrogen [nucleoplasm]
NR-MED1 Coactivator Complex [nucleoplasm]
Represented by generalisation(s)NR [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Signal Transduction

Gene Expression

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