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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: 116 kDa U5 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein component alternativeName: Elongation factor Tu GTP-binding domain-containing protein 2 alternativeName: SNU114 homolog shortName:hSNU114 alternativeName: U5 snRNP-specific protein, 116 kDa shortName:U5-116 kDa
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:9343
CTD Gene:9343
KEGG Gene:9343
NCBI Gene:9343
UCSC human:Q15029
dbSNP Gene:9343
Other identifiers related to this sequenceU5S1_HUMAN, B4DK30, B4DMC0, D3DX58, K7EJ81, Q9BUR0, 3759409, 11716059_x_at, SM00889, 3759397, IPR005517, D21163_at, IPR004161, GE57110, g12803112_3p_a_at, PF00679, 3759402, 9233818, 3759403, 3759406, AC015936, 3759362, 3759405, 222397_at, BAH14469, 3759361, MIM:610536, HPA022021, IPR009022, 3759382, BAG59042, 3759384, EAW51573, MIM:603892, 3759359, 3759370, IPR013684, ENSG00000108883, PR00315, 3759358, 3759377, 3759401, 3759360, 11716058_a_at, 11740354_a_at, BAA04699, B3KX19, 3759368, 3759404, 11758740_at, 16845742, ENSP00000392094, EAW51574, 3759399, Hs.151787.0.S3_3p_at, NM_004247, 3759378, 8016099, SM00838, 3759385, K7EIV5, IPR000795, EntrezGene:9343, CH471178, 3759371, EFTUD2-002, 3759380, NP_004238, AK316098, BAG54331, 3759374, IPR020568, PF00009, 11716057_a_at, 222398_s_at, uc002ihn.2, IPR027417, 3759372, BC002360, 9343, CCDS11489, 11740353_a_at, 3759400, AAH02360, OTTHUMP00000262827, 3759364, AK126464, PF03144, A_23_P55190, 3759389, PH_hs_0031865, D21163, IPR005225, 3759369, 3759394, 3759366, IPR009000, K7EIT3, EFTUD2, 0000130278, Hs.151787, PH_hs_0038658, UPI0000137931, IPR000640, HGNC:30858, 3759393, PF03764, AK296367, ILMN_1738819, PF08477, 3759396, uc031rav.1, NM_001258353, NP_001245282, ENSP00000467805, OTTHUMP00000262829, 3759408, EFTUD2-006, uc010wje.1, NP_001136077, UPI0000E24692, ENSP00000385873, NM_001142605, EFTUD2-004, OTTHUMP00000262831, CCDS45707
Molecules with this sequenceEFTUD2 [nucleoplasm] UKENBCdOORHPGUR
Component ofU5 snRNP [nucleoplasm]
Spliceosomal Active C Complex [nucleoplasm]
Spliceosomal B Complex [nucleoplasm]
Spliceosomal Intermediate C Complex [nucleoplasm]
intron-containing complex [nucleoplasm]
U4 ATAC:U5:U6 ATAC Complex [nucleoplasm]
ATAC C Complex [nucleoplasm]
ATAC C Complex with lariat containing 5'-end cleaved mRNA [nucleoplasm]
Spliceosomal active C complex with lariat containing, 5'-end cleaved pre-mRNP:CBC complex [nucleoplasm]
U4:U5:U6 trisnRNP complex [nucleoplasm]
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