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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein A shortName:U1 snRNP A shortName:U1-A shortName:U1A
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:6626
CTD Gene:6626
DOCK Blaster:1AUD
DOCK Blaster:1CX0
DOCK Blaster:1DRZ
DOCK Blaster:1DZ5
DOCK Blaster:1FHT
DOCK Blaster:1M5K
DOCK Blaster:1M5O
DOCK Blaster:1M5P
DOCK Blaster:1M5V
DOCK Blaster:1NU4
DOCK Blaster:1OIA
DOCK Blaster:1SJ3
DOCK Blaster:1SJ4
DOCK Blaster:1SJF
DOCK Blaster:1U6B
DOCK Blaster:1URN
DOCK Blaster:1VBX
DOCK Blaster:1VBY
DOCK Blaster:1VBZ
DOCK Blaster:1VC0
DOCK Blaster:1VC5
DOCK Blaster:1VC6
DOCK Blaster:1VC7
DOCK Blaster:1ZZN
DOCK Blaster:2A3J
DOCK Blaster:2U1A
DOCK Blaster:3UTR
KEGG Gene:6626
NCBI Gene:6626
Protein Data Bank:1AUD
Protein Data Bank:1CX0
Protein Data Bank:1DRZ
Protein Data Bank:1DZ5
Protein Data Bank:1FHT
Protein Data Bank:1M5K
Protein Data Bank:1M5O
Protein Data Bank:1M5P
Protein Data Bank:1M5V
Protein Data Bank:1NU4
Protein Data Bank:1OIA
Protein Data Bank:1SJ3
Protein Data Bank:1SJ4
Protein Data Bank:1SJF
Protein Data Bank:1U6B
Protein Data Bank:1URN
Protein Data Bank:1VBX
Protein Data Bank:1VBY
Protein Data Bank:1VBZ
Protein Data Bank:1VC0
Protein Data Bank:1VC5
Protein Data Bank:1VC6
Protein Data Bank:1VC7
Protein Data Bank:1ZZN
Protein Data Bank:2A3J
Protein Data Bank:2U1A
Protein Data Bank:3UTR
UCSC human:P09012
dbSNP Gene:6626
Other identifiers related to this sequenceSNRPA_HUMAN, 3MUR, 1701111, 1NU4, AAH08290, 1U6B, 1DZ5, 3833779, 0003830100, 3MUM, 201770_at, 3833762, 3UD3, 1VC5, M60780, 11756299_x_at, OTTHUMP00000269875, 3833768, 3833760, 1ZZN, ENSG00000077312, 3R1H, 1OIA, 1FHT, 1VC7, 1URN, 3BO3, 3IIN, 3BO4, A_14_P128472, 3MUT, PH_hs_0010385, 3MUV, NP_004587, 3IWN, HGNC:11151, MIM:182285, 3L3C, uc002ooz.3, 1SJF, 3BO2, g4759155_3p_at, BC008290, 3G8S, 1DRZ, 40842_at, 3833776, 1SJ4, M60783, 2U1A, M0R2B8, 1VBZ, AAH00405, 3UTR, 3833764, EntrezGene:6626, A_24_P250335, SNRPA, NM_004596, 2A3J, 1M5P, 3833771, 11744270_a_at, 11756298_a_at, 3833780, 3MXH, 1SJ3, SM00360, 3UCU, ILMN_1779399, X06347, AAA61245, 3UD4, 3UCZ, HPA046440, 3HHN, 2OJ3, 3EGZ, M0R221, 8028916, 3833773, A_24_P250333, CAA29653, M60784, 1VC6, 1VBX, BC000405, M0QZG7, 3CUL, Hs.466775, 1CX0, 3833763, AC020945, 3K0J, M60782, 1AUD, 1M5V, 3IRW, 1M5K, 11748453_x_at, 3833761, 4C4W, PF00076, 2NZ4, M60779, CAB004652, 1VC0, UPI000002C8F2, M60784_s_at, 3833767, 1M5O, GE59682, 16862333, 3P49, SNRPA-001, 1VBY, 3G9C, A_24_P219757, CCDS12565, 3CUN, 6626, 3R1L, 2OIH, 3PGW, M60781, IPR000504, 3G8T, 3G96, ENSP00000243563, HPA054834
Component ofSpliceosomal A Complex [nucleoplasm]
Spliceosomal B Complex [nucleoplasm]
Spliceosomal E Complex [nucleoplasm]
U1 snRNP [nucleoplasm]
Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Gene Expression

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