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SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: 40S ribosomal protein S10
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:6204
BioGPS Gene:730187
BioGPS Gene:732348
CTD Gene:6204
CTD Gene:730187
CTD Gene:732348
KEGG Gene:6204
NCBI Gene:6204
NCBI Gene:730187
NCBI Gene:732348
UCSC human:P46783
dbSNP Gene:6204
dbSNP Gene:730187
dbSNP Gene:732348
Other identifiers related to this sequenceRS10_HUMAN, B2R4E3, Q5TZC0, ENSG00000124614, ENST00000326199, ENSP00000347271, 200817_x_at, 200095_x_at, 211542_x_at, 214001_x_at, 216505_x_at, 31568_at, U14972_at, 216505_3p_x_at, Hs.76230.2.S1_3p_x_at, Hs.76230.2.A1_3p_at, A_24_P375435, A_32_P84132, A_32_P86728, A_32_P78575, A_32_P14894, A_23_P252614, A_32_P78574, A_32_P86723, A_23_P356484, CCDS4792, GE474419, GE580734, BX255972, AB209165, Z70761, U14972, BC001032, BC001955, BC005012, BC070235, BC071946, BC073799, AB007151, EntrezGene:6204, EntrezGene:730187, EntrezGene:732348, GI_13904867-S, ILMN_25976, IPI00008438, IPI00749512, IPI00816715, IPI00478810, MIM:603632, OTTHUMP00000016230, OTTHUMT00000040230, OTTHUMT00000040234, BAD92402, CAH73100, CAA94807, AAA85660, AAH01032, AAH01955, AAH05012, AAH70235, AAH71946, AAH73799, BAA25817, CAH73101, NM_001014, XR_016556, XR_019617, XR_017607, XR_015651, XR_017072, XR_015666, XM_001132832, XR_018990, XM_001132919, XR_015547, XR_017257, XR_019502, NP_001005, XP_001132832, XP_001132919, Hs.611579, Hs.639577, Hs.646514, Hs.647946, Q59GE4, Q5TZC0, Q14489, P46783, Q5TZB9, Q59GE4_HUMAN, Q5TZC0_HUMAN, Q14489_HUMAN, RS10_HUMAN, Q5TZB9_HUMAN, IPR000637, IPR005326
Molecules with this sequenceRPS10 [cytosol] UKENNNBBBCCCdddORHGUR
Component of40S ribosomal complex [cytosol]
80S ribosome [cytosol]
40S:Met-tRNAi:mRNA [cytosol]
40S:eIF3:eIF1A [cytosol]
43S complex [cytosol]
80S:Met-tRNAi:mRNA:eIF5B:GTP [cytosol]
80S:Met-tRNAi:mRNA [cytosol]
80S Ribosome:mRNA:peptidyl-tRNA with elongating peptide [cytosol]
eRF3-GDP:eRF1:80S Ribosome:mRNA:tRNA Complex [cytosol]
Elongation complex with growing peptide chain [cytosol]
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Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

3' -UTR-mediated translational regulation

Metabolism of RNA

Metabolism of proteins

Gene Expression


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