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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
First nameWilliam C
AffiliationCase Western University, Biochemistry Department
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Protein synthesis is accomplished through the process of tra...
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Activation of the mRNA upon binding of the cap-binding complex and eIFs, and subsequent binding to 43S [Homo sapiens]
Cap-bound mRNA is activated by helicases [Homo sapiens]
Cap-dependent Translation Initiation [Homo sapiens]
eIF2:GTP is hydrolyzed, eIFs are released [Homo sapiens]
eIF4F binds to mRNP [Homo sapiens]
eIF5B:GTP is hydrolyzed and released [Homo sapiens]
Eukaryotic Translation Initiation [Homo sapiens]
Eukaryotic Translation Termination [Saccharomyces cerevisiae]
Eukaryotic Translation Termination [Homo sapiens]
Formation of translation initiation complexes containing mRNA that does not circularize [Homo sapiens]
GTP hydrolysis and joining of the 60S ribosomal subunit [Homo sapiens]
Ribosomal scanning [Homo sapiens]
Ribosomal scanning and start codon recognition [Homo sapiens]
Start codon recognition [Homo sapiens]
The 60S subunit joins the translation initiation complex [Homo sapiens]
Translation [Homo sapiens]
Translation initiation complex formation [Homo sapiens]
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