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First nameCarl-Henrik
AffiliationLudwig Institute for Cancer Research, Uppsala Branch
Author of summation(s)
The TGF-beta/BMP pathway incorporates several signaling path...
Valgeirsdóttir, S, Paukku, K, Silvennoinen, O, Heldin, CH, Claesson-Welsh, L Activation of Stat5 by platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) is dependent on phosphorylation sites in PDGF beta-receptor juxtamembrane and kinase insert domains 1998 Oncogene PubMed
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Mori, S, Rönnstrand, L, Yokote, K, Engström, A, Courtneidge, SA, Claesson-Welsh, L, Heldin, CH Identification of two juxtamembrane autophosphorylation sites in the PDGF beta-receptor; involvement in the interaction with Src family tyrosine kinases 1993 EMBO J PubMed
Yokote, K, Hellman, U, Ekman, S, Saito, Y, Rönnstrand, L, Saito, Y, Heldin, CH, Mori, S Identification of Tyr-762 in the platelet-derived growth factor alpha-receptor as the binding site for Crk proteins 1998 Oncogene PubMed
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Souchelnytskyi, S, Tamaki, K, Engstrom, U, Wernstedt, C, ten Dijke, P, Heldin, CH Phosphorylation of Ser465 and Ser467 in the C terminus of Smad2 mediates interaction with Smad4 and is required for transforming growth factor-beta signaling 1997 J Biol Chem PubMed
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Arvidsson, AK, Rupp, E, Nånberg, E, Downward, J, Rönnstrand, L, Wennström, S, Schlessinger, J, Heldin, CH, Claesson-Welsh, L Tyr-716 in the platelet-derived growth factor beta-receptor kinase insert is involved in GRB2 binding and Ras activation 1994 Mol Cell Biol PubMed