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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
First nameA Paul
AffiliationUniversity of Cambridge, Department of Medical Genetics
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Insulin binding to its receptor results in receptor autophos...
IRS is one of the mediators of insulin signalling events. It...
The human insulin receptor is expressed as two isoforms that...
Author of entries
Autophosphorylation of insulin receptor [Homo sapiens]
Binding of IRS to insulin receptor [Homo sapiens]
Binding of SHC to insulin receptor [Homo sapiens]
De-phosphorylation of IRS [Homo sapiens]
De-phosphorylation of SHC [Homo sapiens]
Dissociation of insulin from insulin receptor [Homo sapiens]
Dissociation of IRS-P from insulin receptor [Homo sapiens]
Dissociation of SHC-P from insulin receptor [Homo sapiens]
Endosome acidification [Homo sapiens]
Insulin binding [Homo sapiens]
Insulin degradation [Homo sapiens]
Insulin receptor de-phosphorylation [Homo sapiens]
Insulin receptor recycling [Homo sapiens]
Insulin receptor signalling cascade [Homo sapiens]
Internalisation of the insulin receptor [Homo sapiens]
IRS activation [Homo sapiens]
IRS-related events [Homo sapiens]
Phosphorylation of IRS [Homo sapiens]
Phosphorylation of SHC [Homo sapiens]
PI3K activation [Homo sapiens]
Re-integration of insulin receptor into plasma membrane [Homo sapiens]
SHC activation [Homo sapiens]
SHC-related events [Homo sapiens]
Signal attenuation [Homo sapiens]
Signaling by Insulin receptor [Homo sapiens]
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