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M. tuberculosis utilizes myo-inositol-1-phosph...
Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv is the laboratory st...
A small part of deacetylase activity required in the step pr...
Although mycothiol is able to conjugate by itself with elect...
Biosynthesis of mycothiol starts from glucose-6-phosphate an...
Expression of HSD17B1 which is the main enzyme that catalyze...
Formylmycothiol, like any S-formyl ester, is unstable and qu...
From the glucanotrehalose, the enzyme TreZ cleaves one molec...
Hydrolysis of trehalose phosphate, catalyzed by OtsB2, gives...
In analogy to glutathione, mycothiol is part of the detoxifi...
In the detoxification of formaldehyde, mycothiol first binds...
Ligation of glucosamine-inositol with the amino acid cystein...
Linear alpha-1,4-glucans are modified at one end to a glucan...
Maltose is converted to trehalose. The enzymatic activity of...
MshA catalyzes the transfer of acetylglucosamine from UDP-Gl...
Mycothiol (MSH), a conjugate of glucosamine, cysteine and in...
Mycothiol and its adducts that result from detoxification ca...
Mycothiol is recycled using a reduction equivalent (NADPH/H+...
The degradation of mycothiol proceeds through its cleavage i...
The enzyme to catalyze dephosphorylation of Glc-NAc-Ins-P is...
The final step to yield mycothiol is an acetylation using ac...
The hydrolysis of the mycothiol S-conjugate, catalyzed by th...
The non-reducing disaccharide trehalose is found in insects,...
The oxidation of mycothiol provides electrons for the mainte...
Trehalose phosphate synthase, which is a tetramer in solutio...
Author of entries
(1,4)-alpha-D-glucan 1-alpha-D-glucosylmutase activity of TreY [cytosol]
(1,4-alpha-glycosyl)(n-2) [cytosol] CCZ
(1,4-alpha-glycosyl)n [cytosol] CCZ
1,4-alpha-glucan is converted to glucanotrehalose [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
4-alpha-D-\{(1->4)-alpha-D-glucano}trehalose trehalohydrolase activity of TreZ [cytosol]
acetylglucosamine is transferred from UDP-GlcNAc onto inositol-1-phosphate [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
acetylglucosamine-inositol is deacetylated by Mca [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
acetylglucosamine-inositol-phosphate is dephosphorylated [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
acetylglucosaminyltransferase activity of MshA [cytosol]
alpha,alpha'-trehalose [cytosol] CCZH
alpha,alpha'-trehalose-6-phosphate [cytosol] CCZH
alpha,alpha-trehalose-phosphate synthase (UDP-forming) activity of OtsA tetramer [cytosol]
APN [cytosol] CCZH
APN-MTA [cytosol] CZ
APN-MYT [cytosol] CZ
CH2O [cytosol] CCPH
cysteine-glucosaminylinositol ligase activity of MshC-Zn2+ [cytosol]
DAMT [cytosol] CZ
desacetylmycothiol is acetylated to mycothiol using acetyl-CoA [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
e- [cytosol] C
Electrophilic substance-mercapturic acid [cytosol]
Electrophilic substrate [cytosol]
Electrophilic substrate-mycothiol conjugate [cytosol]
estradiol 17-beta-dehydrogenase activity of HSD17B1 dimer [cytosol]
Estrone is hydrogenated to estradiol [Homo sapiens]
FMYC [cytosol] CZ
formylmycothiol hydrolyzes into mycothiol and formate [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
GlcNAc-Ins [cytosol] CZ
GlcNAc-Ins-P [cytosol] CZ
GlcNI [cytosol] CZ
glucanotrehalose [cytosol]
Glucanotrehalose is hydrolyzed to 1,4-alpha-glucan and trehalose [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
glucosaminyl-inositol and cysteine are ligated to desacetylmycothiol [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
Glucose is transferred from UDP-glucose onto glucose-6-phosphate [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
glucose-6-phosphate is converted to inositol-1-phosphate [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
HSD17B1 dimer [cytosol]
hydrolase activity, acting on carbon-nitrogen (but not peptide) bonds of Mca-Zn++ [cytosol]
hydrolase activity, acting on carbon-nitrogen (but not peptide) bonds, in linear amides of Mca-Zn++ [cytosol]
I1P [cytosol] CCZH
ImpC [cytosol] UP
Ino1 [cytosol] UP
Ino1-Zn2+ [cytosol]
inositol-1(or 4)-monophosphatase activity of ImpC [cytosol]
inositol-3-phosphate synthase activity of Ino1-Zn2+ [cytosol]
Mal [cytosol] CCZZ
maltose alpha-D-glucosyltransferase activity of TreS [cytosol]
Maltose is converted to trehalose [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
Mca [cytosol] UPZ
Mca-Zn++ [cytosol]
MscR [cytosol] UP
MSH [cytosol] CCZ
MshA [cytosol] UP
MshC [cytosol] UP
MshC-Zn2+ [cytosol]
MshD [cytosol] UP
MSSM [cytosol] C
Mtr [cytosol] UP
Mycobacterium tuberculosis biological processes [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
mycothiol binds formaldehyde and is dehydrogenated [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
Mycothiol biosynthesis [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
Mycothiol catabolism [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
mycothiol conjugates with electrophilic xenobiotic [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
mycothiol is cleaved to acetylcysteine and glucosaminylinositol [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
mycothiol is oxidized to mycothione [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
Mycothiol metabolism [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
mycothiol S-conjugate is cleaved into mercapturic acid and GlcN-Ins [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
mycothiol synthase activity of MshD [cytosol]
Mycothiol-dependent detoxification [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
mycothiol-dependent formaldehyde dehydrogenase activity of MscR:Zn++ [cytosol]
mycothione is reduced to mycothiol [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
mycothione reductase activity of Mtr [cytosol]
N-ethylsuccinimide-mercapturic acid [cytosol] CZ
N-ethylsuccinimide-mycothiol conjugate [cytosol] CZ
NETSU [cytosol] CZ
OtsA [cytosol] UP
OtsA tetramer [cytosol]
OtsB [cytosol] UP
OtsB-Mg2+ [cytosol]
Trehalose biosynthesis [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
Trehalose-6-phosphate is hydrolyzed to trehalose [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
trehalose-phosphatase activity of OtsB-Mg2+ [cytosol]
TreS [cytosol] UP
TreY [cytosol] UP
TreZ [cytosol] UP