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Reactome: A Curated Pathway Database
SpeciesHomo sapiens
DescriptionrecommendedName: CDK5 regulatory subunit-associated protein 2 alternativeName: CDK5 activator-binding protein C48 alternativeName: Centrosome-associated protein 215
Links to corresponding entries in other databasesBioGPS Gene:55755
CTD Gene:55755
KEGG Gene:55755
NCBI Gene:55755
UCSC human:Q96SN8
dbSNP Gene:55755
Other identifiers related to this sequenceCK5P2_HUMAN, Q5JV18, Q7Z3L4, Q7Z3U1, Q7Z7I6, Q9BSW0, Q9H6J6, Q9HCD9, Q9NV90, Q9UIW9, ENSG00000136861, ENST00000349780, ENSP00000343818, 233540_s_at, 220935_s_at, 44683_at, 56365_f_at, 56364_i_at, g8922723_3p_a_at, Hs.32360.2.S1_3p_a_at, A_14_P116162, A_14_P102309, A_14_P201631, A_23_P83110, CCDS6823, GE82329, BC019577, CR936622, AL353736, BK005504, AL391870, AL590642, AL138836, AB046853, AF448860, AL133161, BX537421, BX537759, AK001729, AK025867, AK027636, BC004526, BX640896, BX537708, EntrezGene:55755, GI_28872785-S, ILMN_3896, ILMN_9876, IPI00329038, IPI00384417, IPI00746319, IPI00329039, IPI00479235, IPI00384418, IPI00553062, IPI00480021, IPI00746700, IPI00385005, MIM:608201, MIM:604804, OTTHUMT00000055535, AAH19577, CAI56765, DAA05504, CAH70769, CAI16963, CAI40653, CAI40925, BAB13459, AAP41926, CAB61487, CAD97663, CAD97828, BAA91865, BAB15263, BAB55253, AAH04526, CAE45944, CAI40655, CAI40927, CAI40657, CAI40656, CAH70770, CAI16964, CAI40654, CAI40926, CAD97819, NM_018249, NM_001011649, NP_060719, NP_001011649, OTTHUMT00000055537, Q05CZ3, Q5CZA0, Q66GT8, Q5VU02, Q96SN8, Q6MZT4, Q5JSG4, Q5JTU8, Q5JTU9, Q5VU01, Q7Z3M0, Q05CZ3_HUMAN, Q5CZA0_HUMAN, Q66GT8_HUMAN, Q5VU02_HUMAN, CK5P2_HUMAN, Q6MZT4_HUMAN, Q5JSG4_HUMAN, Q5JTU8_HUMAN, Q5JTU9_HUMAN, Q5VU01_HUMAN, Q7Z3M0_HUMAN, Q96SN8-2, Q96SN8-3, Q96SN8-4, IPR012943
Molecules with this sequenceCDK5RAP2 [cytosol] UKENBCdOORHGUR
Component ofcentrosome [cytosol]
cNAP-1 depleted centrosome [cytosol]
centrosome containing phosphorylated Nlp [cytosol]
Nlp-depleted centrosome [cytosol]
Centrosome associated Plk1 [cytosol]
Mature centrosomes enriched in gamma-TURC complexes [cytosol]
Centrosomes containing recruited CDK11p58 [cytosol]
Centrosome:AURKA [cytosol]
Centrosome:p-T288-AURKA [cytosol]
Centrosome:AURKA:AJUBA [cytosol]
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Processes where molecules and complexes with this sequence are involved

Cell Cycle

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