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Protein: UniProt:P49419 ALDH7A1 (Homo sapiens)
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Pathway: Metabolism (Homo sapiens)
Metabolic processes in human cells generate energy through the oxidation of molecules consumed in the diet and mediate the synthesis of diverse essential molecules not taken in the diet as well as the inactivation and elimination of toxic ones generated endogenously or present in the extracellular environment. The processes of energy metabolism can be classified into two groups according to whether the
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Pathway: Metabolism of amino acids and derivatives (Homo sapiens)
This group of reactions is responsible for: 1) the breakdown of amino acids; 2) the synthesis of urea from ammonia and amino groups generated by amino acid breakdown; 3) the synthesis of the ten amino acids that are not essential components of the human diet; and 4) the synthesis of related nitrogen-containing molecules including carnitine and creatine. Transport of these molecuels across lipid bilay
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Reaction: alpha-aminoadipic semialdehyde + NAD+ => alpha-aminoadipate + NADH + H+ (Homo sapiens)
Alpha-aminoadipic semialdehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH7A1) catalyzes the reaction of alpha-aminoadipic semialdehyde and NAD+ to form alpha-aminoadipate and NADH + H+ (Mills et al. 2006). Unpublished crystallographic data (PDB 2J6L) indicate that the enzyme is a homodimer. Recent immunofluorescence studies of both endogenous and GFP-tagged ALDH7A1 proteins in cultured human embryonic kidney cells indicate t
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Pathway: Lysine catabolism (Homo sapiens)
In humans, most catabolism of L-lysine normally proceeds via a sequence of seven reactions which feeds into the pathway for fatty acid catabolism. In the first two reactions, catalyzed by a single enzyme complex, lysine is combined with alpha-ketoglutarate to form saccharopine, which in turn is cleaved and oxidized to yield glutamate and alpha-ketoadipic semialdehyde. The latter molecule is further oxi
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Complex: ALDH7A1 tetramer [mitochondrial matrix] (Homo sapiens)
ALDH7A1 tetramer; antiquitin tetramer
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