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Pathway: Extracellular matrix organization (Homo sapiens)
The extracellular matrix is a component of all mammalian tissues, a network consisting largely of the fibrous proteins collagen, elastin and associated-microfibrils, fibronectin and laminins embedded in a viscoelastic gel of anionic proteoglycan polymers. It performs many functions in addition to its structural role; as a major component of the cellular microenvironment it influences cell behaviours su
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Pathway: ECM proteoglycans (Homo sapiens)
Proteoglycans are major components of the extracellular matrix. In cartilage the matrix constitutes more than 90% of tissue dry weight. Proteoglycans are proteins substituted with glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), linear polysaccharides consisting of a repeating disaccharide, generally of an acetylated amino sugar alternating with a uronic acid. Most proteoglycans are located in the extracellular space.
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Reaction: AGRN binds LRP4:MUSK (Homo sapiens)
Agrin (AGRN) is a large multidomain heparan sulfate proteoglycan found in basement membranes, named for its ability to promote aggregation of AChR clusters on the muscle surface directly beneath the nerve terminal (Nitkin et al. 1987). It is a critical organizer of postsynaptic differentiation at the skeletal neuromuscular junction; synaptogenesis is profoundly disrupted in its absence (Gautam et al. 1
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Protein: UniProt:O15146 MUSK (Homo sapiens)
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Complex: LRP4:MUSK [plasma membrane] (Homo sapiens)
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Complex: AGRN:LRP4:MUSK [plasma membrane] (Homo sapiens)
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