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Pathway: Immune System (Homo sapiens)
Humans are exposed to millions of potential pathogens daily, through contact, ingestion, and inhalation. Our ability to avoid infection depends on the adaptive immune system and during the first critical hours and days of exposure to a new pathogen, our innate immune system
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Pathway: C-type lectin receptors (CLRs) (Homo sapiens)
Pathogen recognition is central to the induction of T cell differentiation. Groups of pathogens share similar structures known as pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs), which are recognised by pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) expressed on dendritic cells (DCs) to induce cytokine expression. PRRs include archetypical Toll-like receptors (TLRs) and non-TLRs such as retinoic acid-inducible ge
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Pathway: Innate Immune System (Homo sapiens)
Innate immunity encompases the nonspecific part of immunity tha are part of an individual's natural biologic makeup
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Pathway: Dectin-1 mediated noncanonical NF-kB signaling (Homo sapiens)
In addition to the activation of canonical NF-kB subunits, activation of SYK pathway by Dectin-1 lea ... CCL22) and transcriptional repression of others (IL12B) (Gringhuis et al. 2009, Geijtenbeek & Gringhuis 2009, Plato et al. 2013) ...
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Reaction: p52:RELB translocates from cytosol to nucleus (Homo sapiens)
Following 26S-proteasomal processing, NFKB2 p52:RELB dimer is translocated from cytosol into the nucleus where it stimulates expression of target genes (Lin & Karin 2003). Dectin-1 induced RELB-p52 triggers the transcription of chemokines C-C motif chemokine 17 (CCL17) and CCL22 and repression of interleukin 12B (IL12B) transcription (Gringhuis et al. 2009)
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Pathway: CLEC7A (Dectin-1) signaling (Homo sapiens)
CLEC7A (also known as Dectin-1) is a pattern-recognition receptor (PRR) expressed by myeloid cells (macrophages, dendritic cells and neutrophils) that detects pathogens by binding to beta-1,3-glucans in fungal cell walls and triggers direct innate immune responses to fungal and bacterial infections. CLEC7A belongs to thetype-II C-type lectin receptor (CLR) family that can mediate its own intracellular
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