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Protein: UniProt:P40225 THPO (Homo sapiens)
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Pathway: Hemostasis (Homo sapiens)
Hemostasis is a physiological response that culminates in the arrest of bleeding from an injured vessel. Under normal conditions the vascular endothelium supports vasodilation, inhibits platelet adhesion and activation, suppresses coagulation, enhances fibrin cleavage and is anti-inflammatory in character. Under acute vascular trauma, vasoconstrictor mechanisms predominate and the endothelium becomes p
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Pathway: Platelet Aggregation (Plug Formation) (Homo sapiens)
The tethering of platelets to the site of vascular injury is the first step in the formation of a platelet thrombus. Firm adhesion of these tethered platelets, as well as the additional recruitment of others onto their surface leads to the formation of large platelet aggregates. The formation of a thrombus is strictly dependent on the formation of interplatelet bonds
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Pathway: Platelet activation, signaling and aggregation (Homo sapiens)
Platelet activation begins with the initial binding of adhesive ligands and of the excitatory platelet agonists (released or generated at the sites of vascular trauma) to cognate receptors on the platelet membrane (Ruggeri 2002). Intracellular signaling reactions then enhance the adhesive and procoagulant properties of tethered platelets or of platelets circulating in the proximity. Once platelets have
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Reaction: Thrombopoietin binds the thrombopoietin receptor (Homo sapiens)
Thrombopoietin (TPO) is a primary regulator of megakaryocytopoiesis. Binding of TPO to its receptor TPOR (c-Mpl) mediates pleiotropic effects on megakaryocyte development leading to significant increase in circulating platelet numbers. TPOR knockout mice show a marked reduction in bone marrow megakaryocytes and blood platelets. Although thrombopoietin (TPO) by itself has little or no effect on platelet
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Complex: TPO:Thrombopoietin receptor [plasma membrane] (Homo sapiens)
TPO:Thrombopoietin receptor
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