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Protein: UniProt:Q8TAE7 KCNG3 (Homo sapiens)
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Pathway: Neuronal System (Homo sapiens)
The human brain contains at least 100 billion neurons, each with the ability to influence many other cells. Clearly, highly sophisticated and efficient mechanisms are needed to enable communication among this astronomical number of elements. This communication occurs across synapses, the functional connection between neurons. Synapses can be divided into two general classes: electrical synapses and che
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Pathway: Potassium Channels (Homo sapiens)
Potassium channels are tetrameric ion channels that are widely distributed and are found in all cell types. Potassium channels control resting membrane potential in neurons, contribute to regulation of action potentials in cardiac muscle and help release of insulin form pancreatic beta cells. Broadly K+ channels are classified into voltage gated K+ channels, Hyperpolarization activated cyclic nucleo
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Pathway: Voltage gated Potassium channels (Homo sapiens)
Voltage-gated K+ channels (Kv) determine the excitability of heart, brain and skeletal muscle cells. Kv form octameric channel with alpha subunits that forms the pore of the channel and associated beta subunits. The alpha subunits associate with beta subunits with a stoichiometry of alpha4beta4.The alpha subunits have been classified into 12 families, 1-12 with several representatives from each family.
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Reaction: Activation of voltage gated Potassium channels (Homo sapiens)
Activation of voltage gated potassium channel is triggered by membrane potential changes that is sensed by the channel assembly. Activation of voltage-gated potassium channel leads to selective outward current of K+ ions
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Complex: Octamer of Voltage gated K+ channels [plasma membrane] (Homo sapiens)
Octamer of Voltage gated K+ channels
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