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POLH binds monoUb:K164-PCNA at damaged TT-CPD-DNA template (R-HSA-110316) [Homo sapiens]


DNA polymerase eta (POLH) belongs to Y family of DNA polymerases. POLH binds PCNA monoubiquitinated at lysine K164 by the RAD18:UBE2B (RAD18:RAD6) or RBX1:CUL4:DDB1:DTL complexes in response to DNA damage. POLH C-terminus contains a conserved PCNA interaction motif, while the catalytic domain of POLH contains a conserved monoubiquitin binding motif. POLH is most efficient in recognition and repair of thymine-thymine cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers (TT-CPD) induced by UV-mediated DNA damage (Masutani et al. 2000, Kannouche et al. 2004)

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