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Addition of nucleotides between position +11 and +30

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Homo sapiens
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RNA polymerase II transcription complexes are susceptible to transcriptional stalling and arrest, when extending nascent transcripts to 30-nt. This susceptibility depends on presence on down-stream DNA, the particular DNA-sequence of the template and presence of transcription factors. Transcription factor TFIIH remains associated to the RNA pol II elongation complex until position +30. At this stage transcription elongation factor TFIIS can rescue stalled transcription elongation complexes. The transcription bubble varies between 13- and 22-nt in size.

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DNA-directed RNA polymerase activity of RNA Polymerase II (unphosphorylated):TFIIF complex [nucleoplasm] RNA Polymerase II (unphosphorylated):TFIIF complex [nucleoplasm] DNA-directed RNA polymerase activity (0003899)
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