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HLA class II histocompatibility antigen, DRB1-7 beta chain (R-HSA-1235085)

Species Homo sapiens

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Immune System(Homo sapiens)

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Additional Information
External reference name HLA-DRB1
External reference id P13761
Synonyms HLA-DRB1
Compartment plasma membrane
Other Identifiers 105369230, 11723194_x_at, 11759642_x_at, 3123, 41723_s_at, A_23_P31006, A_33_P3383912, AAA36282, AAH01023, ADI59560, BC001023, CAA74112, CAA76123, CAQ07518, CAQ08239, CR753309, CR753835, D7RIG5, ENSG00000229074, ENSG00000236884, ENSP00000405960, ENSP00000409322, ENSP00000481636, ENSP00000482190, ENST00000437784, ENST00000444645, ENST00000617823, ENST00000620951, EntrezGene:105369230, EntrezGene:3123, HGNC:4948, HLA-DRB1, HLA-DRB1-001, HLA-DRB1-216, HLA-DRB1-218, HM067848, HPA043151, IPR000353, IPR003006, IPR003597, IPR007110, IPR011162, LOC105369230, M16941, MIM:142857, MIM:609532, OTTHUMP00000193902, OTTHUMP00000194705, PF00969, PF07654, Q9TQE0, REACT_121399, REACT_12526, REACT_12555, REACT_12582, REACT_12596, REACT_12623, REACT_19324, REACT_19344, REACT_25078, REACT_25229, REACT_6900, REACT_75774, REACT_75790, SM00407, SM00921, UPI0000000C1F, XM_011547738, XP_011546039, XP_011546040, Y13785, Y16224
Secondary Identifiers 2B17_HUMAN, B0UYW1, O46699, O46872
Gene Names HLA-DRB1
Chain signal peptide:1-29, chain:30-266
This entry is a component of:
Reference Genes
Database Identifier
dbSNP Gene 3123
CTD Gene 3123
BioGPS Gene 3123, 105369230
NCBI Gene 3123, 105369230
ENSEMBL ENSG00000229074
Cross References
Database Identifier
PRO P13761
GeneCards P13761
UCSC human P13761