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PRLR is phosphorylated at Ser-349 (R-HSA-1370505)

Species Homo sapiens


The PRL responsiveness of target cells is negatively regulated by receptor internalization, ubiquitination and degradation, which limit the duration and intensity of receptor signaling (Djiane et al. 1981, 1982, Lu et al. 2002). The PRLR is phosphorylated on Ser-349 by an unidentified kinase (Li et al. 2006) enabling subsequent recruitment of the SCF beta-TrCP ubiquitin ligase complex (Li et al. 2004).

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Compartment plasma membrane
Literature References
pubMedId Title Journal Year
15082796 Negative regulation of prolactin receptor stability and signaling mediated by SCF(beta-TrCP) E3 ubiquitin ligase Mol Cell Biol 2004