Ligand-dependent caspase activation

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Homo sapiens
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Caspase-8 is synthesized as zymogen (procaspase-8) and is formed from procaspase-8 as a cleavage product. However, the cleavage itself appears not to be sufficient for the formation of an active caspase-8. Only the coordinated dimerization and cleavage of the zymogen produce efficient activation in vitro and apoptosis in cellular systems [Boatright KM and Salvesen GS 2003; Keller N et al 2010; Oberst A et al 2010].

The caspase-8 zymogens are present in the cells as inactive monomers, which are recruited to the death-inducing signaling complex (DISC) by homophilic interactions with the DED domain of FADD. The monomeric zymogens undergo dimerization and the subsequent conformational changes at the receptor complex, which results in the formation of catalytically active form of procaspase-8.[Boatright KM et al 2003; Donepudi M et al 2003; Keller N et al 2010; Oberst A et al 2010].

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